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XFL 2020 and everything you need to know about it.

XFL american football league

What is XFL?

In 2018, Alpha Enterprise announced the formation of the XFL. A 10 week season at the beginning of 2020.
The WWE CEO Vince McMahon launched XFL, a professional football league.
According to the planned schedule, the play was from Feb 8 until the championship game on April 26. (Due to the upliftment in CO-VID 19 the event is now postponed)

What does XFL stand for?

In all honesty, this has never been defined. When McMahon launched the first XFL back in 1999. The assumption was that XFL stands for “Xtreme Football League” based on the league title of the WWE. Later on, McMahon said that this was not the case. While F and L were obvious Football League. So, therefore,  there is no meaning behind “X”.

Who are the teams?

1- Dallas Renegades
2- DC Defenders
3- Houston Roughnecks
4- Los Angeles Wildcats
5- New York Guardians
6- Seattle Dragons
8- Tampa Bay Vipers.

In addition, XFL 2020 will also have one extra team as a team 9 which serves as a communal practice squad for the entire league.

The XFL team name and logo reveal - YouTube


How many games a team will play?

Teams will play a 10-game five home games and five on the road. There is no bye week. The top two teams in each division will face each other in a one-game division championship.

XFL announces start date, team cities and venues


How is the XFL different from the NFL?

According to the XFL, it aims to be faster, with more plays, less stall, few interruptions, and no gimmicks.
Firstly, More than one forward pass.
Secondly, No fair catches
Thirdly, Closer kickoffs
Fourthly, No extra points, but you can go for one, two or three.
Fifthly, Overtime shootout
Sixthly, Continuous clock
Lastly, a 25-second play clock and 30 seconds instant replay clock.


Where can I watch the game?

Games will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN, Fox, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. And for more daily updates click here.

XFL 2020 live stream: Watch all the week 3 games online from ...

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