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World’s Largest, Oldest, Smallest & Tallest Hotel

First World Hotel.

It’s a three stare hotel in Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia. Setting up Guinness World Records for the largest hotel in the world. By 7,351 number of rooms.
  • Firstly, it consists of Tower 1 and Tower 2 with 3,164 standard rooms.
  • Secondly, it contains 292 deluxe rooms, 649 deluxe triple room. And 480 superior deluxe rooms. Also, 136 club rooms.
  • Thirdly, in 2015 they extended by Tower 2 which contains 1,286 altogether. Also, including new rooms called XYZ Deluxe and XYZ Triple.
  • The average size of the rooms is 170.70 square feet.
first world hotel malaysia

World’s Smallest Hotel.

Eh’häusl Hotel – The Weeding House.

It’s an eight-foot-wide hotel in the city of Amberg, Germany. It was built in 1728 and was renovated in 2008 as a luxury hotel. The hotel is between two neighbouring houses. Though it’s tiny contains modern amenities from Flat-screen TV to a mini spa.
In addition, also known as Marriage house. It was built by a couple who wanted to get married. But city council had a rule only homeowners can tie the knot. So, the couple decided to take this empty land of 2.5 meters wide. And ran a quick wall on the front and the back and slapped a roof on the top. Made their home and got married. They sold to another couple facing the same issue before moving out. After that, it became as Eh’häeusl or The Weeding House.
 Eh'haeusl (marriage house).

World’s Tallest Hotel.

Gevora Hote.

It is 1,168 ft tall and almost took twelve years to be complete. It’s a four-star hotel and opened the door in February 2018. The hotel is just 1 mile away from Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall.
It contains 528 rooms in total with 75 floors in total. It contains all the best class services from Skyway to Spa.
In addition, eight tallest completed building in Dubai. And the ninth tallest in UAE. And among 50 tallest building in the world.
gevora hotel dubai

World’s Oldest Hotel.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan.

With a history of 1300 years built-in 705. It’s a five-star hotel in Hayakawa, Japan. Set in a valley surrounded by nature. It offers natural free-flowing hot spring bathwater throughout all the rooms even in the showers too. With WiFi to the hairdryer, it got everything in it. As a result, with Asian breakfast in the morning to A5 rank Koshu beef prepared by an award-winning chef.
In addition, Operated by 52 generations of the same family. The hotel was last renovated in 1997 and has 37 rooms.
World's Oldest Hotel.

World’s Largest Hotel Suite.

Grand Hills Hotel and Spa.

This high-end mountainside spa hotel with the view of the Mediterranean sea. Spread over 44,000 square feet with more than 1200 pieces of art, sculpture, antiques and handcrafted furniture. 164 elegantly appointed suites and rooms with a special feature of unique international themes. From 4 restaurants to golf, it’s an indeed a luxury hotel situated in Broumana, Lebanon.
Grand Hills Hotel & Spa

World’s Tallest Residential Hotel


It is a five-star residential hotel in Hong Kong, China. With 312 room that starts from 102 floors at 1,394 ft to 118 floors. From the view of skyline and Victoria Harbour reach into Horizon. From three refined restaurants and 2 bars and a caviar bar to a spa with a gym and infinity swimming pool, it has it all.
World's Tallest Residential Hotel

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