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Will Oneplus 8 Disable The Infrared Camera

OnePlus 8 and 8 pros hit the Indian market in the last week of April. OnePlus8 pro is a true flagship and has got some excellent features like dual 48mp camera sensors. A super AMOLED panel with QHD resolution and 120hz refresh rate. It is a 5G phone with a snapdragon 865 chipset.  The starting price of the phone is ₹55,000/- (which is worth the money). OnePlus is making headlines for a 5mp infrared camera sensor. This sensor can see through some materials like plastic, and even clothes sometimes. Though the effect works best on black thin plastic. The issue was first found out on Reddit and then all the owners of the phone worldwide started demonstrating it.

 How does it work?


Human eyes can see the light of wavelength 380nm-750nm. Lights like Infrared are not visible to our naked eyes because their wavelengths are greater than 750nm. But light with greater wavelength can travel to longer distances and can even pierce through thin walls. That’s why the remote control of our TV, Car, and A.C have IR blasters inside remote. It’s a small led bulb-like structure inside the body of remote, it emits IR light when the keys are pressed. The cameras in our smartphones, camcorders, and webcams can see what we can see and nothing else. Because they have what is called an IR filter that blocks all types of IR light from entering into camera. 


History has witnessed that some companies have always tried to experiment with their products, attract new customers, and increase their share in the market. Sony did a similar experiment by removing its IR filter with one of its camcorder product lines in 1998. The only difference in today’s one plus 8 pro’s infrared camera and Sony’s camcorder of that time is that Sony’s night vision camcorder was much much powerful than today’s OnePlus. Sony then suffered huge losses as the company recalled all 7,000 camcorders that were sold.

OnePlus further proceedings


Although OnePlus is not planning to recall their sold smartphones as that would give the company a financial blow on the face and their hard-earned brand value would then tarnish. “While we think this camera gives users the ability to get more creative with smartphone photography, we also understand the concerns that have been raised. Therefore, we are already working on an OTA that we’ll push out in the coming weeks to offer the Photochrom filter while limiting other functionality that may be of concern,” says OnePlus in an official statement. 

 I think this is not that big of an issue as is hyped because the phone clearly can’t be a tool that can be used to intrude on someone’s privacy, instead, it allows being creative with phone photography.

Let’s see how it rolls out. If you ask me, I don’t like expensive tech like these because I understand the value of money and the difference between my needs and wants. If you want to understand simple but fundamental terms and pave your way to success, check out my other blog here, where I try to give you a basic understanding of personal finance.



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