There are lots of reason why one should choose happiness before success, life is all about the moments you enjoy with friends, family that makes you happy, it is possible that you will be happy if you succeed in life but not for a long period of time because human being needs happiness to live and just being successful doesn’t mean you are happy in life, humans are social animals they need people around you to talk to …to share their emotions and all sort of things this brings happiness to the life of individual success at the cost of happiness is not actually a success because I feel success is what you achieved in your life, money to lead a happy life and of course happiness the most important thing to have for a person to be called as successful. It is a priceless emotion if a person is successful but misses that happiness he or she misses the whole pleasure of being successful. Success is just waste if they can’t live a happy life. Understanding the very gap between success and happiness is all that it takes to be successful along with being happy the mere problem with people is they think that success and happiness are interconnected and you will get both if you just have one of it. It’s quite stupid to say that you don’t want to be successful or you don’t want money in life because in today’s world you can’t just ignore this fact that money is one of the most important factors be happy or successful.

happiness is more important than success

Many people also misinterpret that success means having all that name, fame money but Megan Tull puts it so beautifully as- “If you’re meeting goals and overcoming challenges with a light and free heart, then you’re doing life that you can take in two ways and both of them are equally important first is you just have to do what you always wanted to do that gives you happiness no matter  what lifestyle you will maintain by your passion and the second way is the literal meaning of the above line that if you love doing something and you are doing it out of many difficulties then you are doing the right thing. If you simply compare happiness and success this line defines it the best way-A happy person always feels successful but a successful person does not always feel happy. The God we believe focuses on the happiness of soul i.e., happiness is shown to be more important than success by our gods too. Chasing success does not means anything for the soul if you do not understand your soul lessons. The soul doesn’t need the materialistic success or happiness it just needs the spiritual peace, happiness.


Wrapping it up

happiness and success

The mere reason of explaining all this is just to make people understand that success is not everything if you really want to be successful in life you must feel successful that can only be possible if you are happy. It’s also completely stupid to say that you don’t need to be successful to be happy it is important, both are interconnected. Stop just chasing success Start looking for happiness You will end up being happy and the most satisfied successful person.

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