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What does your sleeping position say about you

Sleep is an important regime of our lifestyle. It not only rejuvenates your body with the exuding energy for a fresh day, but it also keeps you healthy and sound physically as well as mentally. While we are asleep, we all toss and turn in our beds. Did you know that there are different positions in which we sleep in a bed? These sleeping positions can reveal our personalities. Interesting eh? Find out what does your sleeping position say about you.

  1. The Fetal PositionRelated image

The most common position in which many people fall asleep is the side-lying fetal position. It is a position where you curl your knees towards the chest just like a baby sleeping in its mother’s womb. This position is said to offer us a sense of safety as we doze off.

  • Personality traits: You have a coconut-like personality. You seem to be tough on the outside but are extremely sensitive on the inside. Though you are very shy in the beginning however, you become quite amiable once you get to know people better.

2. The Soldier Position

Image result for soldier position sleep

Attention! This position is just like the name suggests. It is a position in which you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides. Your arms and your feet are erect.

  • Personality Traits: You’ll have a cocoon-like personality. You are quiet and reserved. You hold yourselves and other people to high standards and strict principles.
  1. The Log PositionImage result for log position sleep

You must have heard people say “you were sleeping like a log last night”. This position is quite similar to the soldier position except that the people sleep on their sides with the arms on their side and arms and legs erect.

  • Personality traits: You’ll are called social butterflies. You are approachable, easy-doing, cheerful, admired and trustworthy. You might be a bit gullible.
  1. Yearning hands PositionImage result for yearner sleep position

It is also known as the “yearning log”. In this position you sleep on your side like the log position except your arms are reaching out in front of you as if you were craving for something or someone.

  • Personality traits: You have a little complicated nature. You are open-minded, not as gullible, yet cynical. You also probably make up your mind at a slower pace and may be quite suspicious. However, once you do make your mind, you’re less dubious on changing it.
  1. Free faller/ face-down PositionRelated image

This position is not very popular compared to the side-sleeping position. In this position you sleep on your stomach with your head turned to one side and sometimes you grasp a pillow between your arms.

  • Personality traits: You are audacious and gregarious and sometimes brazen, but you really don’t like to be criticized. So you do your best to avoid such extreme situations.

6. The Starfish/ Spread Eagle PositionImage result for starfish sleep position

The starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed just like a starfish or an eagle spreading its wings. You sleep comfortably and carefree on most of the bed leaving less space for others to sleep.

  • Personality Traits: You are always eager to hear people out and obliging to your friends in all situations. You are not fond of being the center of attention but you don’t mind if you find yourself in such a situation.

7. The Stargazing PositionImage result for stargaze sleep position

An, unlike position to sleep, stargazers lie on their back with their arms wrapped around their head as if they are gazing the stars in the sky.

  • Personality Traits: You give priority to your friends and you do anything and everything to help those that are precious to you. You have a positive, “happy-go-lucky” stance on life.

8. The Pillow hugging PositionRelated image

In this position, pillow huggers snuggle and cuddle in their beds.

  • Personality Traits: Similar to the stargazers, you relish relationships with your family, friends and your significant other.

9. The Thinking PositionImage result for thinker sleep position

This position is quite similar to the fetal position, except that there is always a hand gently resting on your chin as if you were thinking in your dreams.

  • Personality Traits: Your emotions run high and tend to vary between two extreme levels.

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