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Some Surprising Facts About KIDS

Some Surprising Facts About KIDS.

We all adore kids, sometimes naturally and sometimes not so naturally.

  • Kid’s Voice vs Adult’s Voice.

A 3 years old Boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. As a result, kids are often the centre of attraction in crowded places.

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  • Kids and out of no-where questions.

On average, a 4 years old child asks 437 questions a day. That’s is why next time a child is around you make sure you have a good speed internet connection.
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  • Natural Painkiller for Kids.

This is strange but it’s real. A study says watching television can act as a natural painkiller for them. To conclude, from now onwards it’s their health right to watch their favourite cartoon shows.
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  • Grown-ups are serious.

Babies and kids can laugh up to 300 times a day. Whereas, adults typically laugh around 20 times a day only. So, the grown-ups kids you need to laugh little extra. (Read this point and smile)
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  • Welcome to this colourful world.

Just after birth, a baby can only see in black and white also in addition, with shades of grey. As months pass by they develop his/her colour vision.
While showing something bright to attach their attention just know that they’re bored and paying you some attention.
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  • New Borns don’t cry.

Yes, don’t rub your eyes because it’s true. They howl and scream but they don’t cry. Tears can’t be released or created for about three weeks. As their tear ducts are not entirely developed. As a result, they do produce enough moisture to keep the eyes healthy. So, next time consider this- a newborn is screaming at you.
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  • More bones and Fewer Blinks.

Firstly, A child is born with 300 bones but bones fuse together while growing up. That’s why an adult has 206 bones.
Secondly, infants blink only once or twice in a minute while an adult blinks about 10 times every minute.
Thirdly, you just blinked right now.

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  • Kids and their paranormal friends.

According to many studies, kids of age 7 or under can see or feel paranormal activities. As a conclusion, next time if you see a kid playing alone in a room just remember he/she is not alone. (DO NOT DISTURB)
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