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Ways Your Office Can Affect Productivity

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Welcome back yet again to a process of understanding professionalism and office life with regard to psychology and lifestyle. In the world of rapid advancements and work culture, what matters the most is high productivity and consumer satisfaction. Making way through Industry 4.0, which had employ and consumer satisfaction as primary goals in sustainable development and production, the market has reached greater heights. In this phase of competition and urge to succeed, what can make your company take an edge, has to be, undoubtedly, professional ethics and healthy work culture.

Now, why and how this piece of text matters for you, as a stakeholder of a firm? Why does it matter to you even if you are an employee at a company? How does office culture bothers your professional and personal life, if you are in any kind of an association with the office? Wondering…, all these questions mean the same? Yeah, but they have one big difference. A difference of “PERSPECTIVE”  These are the questions that I would try and answer, keeping in mind the various aspects of employment-related to a firm.

Office! A place where a professional or group of professionals develop ideas, analyse the pros and cons, propose an action plan and convert ideas into reality by hard work, intelligence and dedication.

Lives of such creative geniuses aren’t as easy and come it looks! Ask the cooperates, the amount of pressure and pain that takes in just thinking of a cost-effective idea, then planning its sustainable implementation at a global level. So, they deserve at least a good environment and vibe to be that creative and rational.

This is where office environment comes into the picture. There are certain specific ways of how your office can affect employee productivity, company profits and standards. Office environment does not only affect the work and efficiency but also affects the personal mood and disposition of the members.

A positive and well-managed office will only motivate collaboration and creativity. It will enable work to be accomplished quickly and effectively.

(1)  Ergonomics

This parameter deals with improving workspace conditions. Minimizing the health hazards and risks related to the workspace, making everyday activities safe an joyful.  Any potentials associated with health risks like strain, stress and fatigue need to be minimised.

Very intrinsic details like appropriate desk setups (with suitable height and space) can resolve basic health issues of the employees, making them healthy and efficient.

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(2)  Personal workspaces

This aspect varies from person to person. There are people who can work equally well in chaotic and busy environments. They find the energy from the chaos. And then, there are people who need a quiet space, where they can concentrate and produce quality work.

Catering the distinct choices, an office must have both kinds of spaces. A common room or informal meeting rooms and a corner for serious or deep work and brainstorming. That would bring about a very good diversity in the office and will also contribute to employee satisfaction.

Not only private workspaces but also clean and well-managed workspaces are the need of the hour.

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Decluttering waste and recycling (this contains a social message if at all your eye catches!) documents that are outdated or useless will help. Maintaining an ambient noise in a workspace will make the office look and feel much better.

(3) Apt Stimulus

To ensure the good mental and physical health of the employees, the environment has to be ambient.

Proper ventilation with the perfect temperature conditions maintained by air conditioners/heaters ( according to the weather conditions) is a must. As per the research, 71 degrees Fahrenheit is the right temperature for an office. This can very from place to place and with climatic variations ( especially these days, when nature has taken the driver’s seat and the human is receiving the return gifts for his mistakes, just an ethical realization in the middle of the blog).

Inadequate lighting can cause eye strains, tiredness and headaches, which can degrade the health condition of the employees and other members.

Also, high noise levels can cause issues in concentration, lowering the productivity and morale of the employees. So, all these factors together help in maintaining an apt stimulus for bot the growth of the employee and the growth of the company. And these factors are to be implemented in the office.

(4)  Air Quality and Plants

The air quality is one big factor that can affect the entire vibe of any place. Odour, dust and high moisture levels in the air can make people suffer from breathlessness and uneasiness.

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Also, this kills the vibe of the place and makes it uncomfortable to stay there. This has to be taken care of while designing the office and later also.

Ventilation and air purifiers will help.

Want to be a smart player.. ,  indoor plantations and greenery around the office area can make the most amazing changes in the air quality and look!! And here you go, you are sorted with both the air quality and design of the office.

(5) Indoor decor and designing

Make the best use of motivational quotes and inspirational leaders. They will automatically trigger the spark in the constituents of the office. Apart from that, lighting and space have to be taken into consideration.

Colour contrasts have a major role to play. Colour psychology is a controversial field, but there is evidence to suggest that different colors can have different effects on your employees’ morale and productivity. This actually is very interesting.  I found this link while researching for the blog.

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Let me elaborate why and how can colour choices make a difference. It actually has a psychological background. For example, blue is said to be stable and calming, helping workers de-stress and feel more relaxed. Green is said to reduce eye fatigue and help employees remain efficient. Red is linked to evoking emotion and passion, which is ideal for more competitive teams. Light colours and soft decor works best for office setups.

Maintaining healthy and cooperative relationships with fellow workers and healthy competition  among the employees is a highly impactful factor. This makes the office pleasant and office hours, joyful. Be kind and respectful towards all the members on the office.Image result for Ways Your Office Can Affect Productivity

Generates commitment in the employees and multiplies the performance.

An office is just meant for the professional growth of a person. This conviction has to be resolved as the office is not just meant for professional growth but the overall growth of the constituents.

These days, one of the major concerns is the mental health of human beings. Even one of the 17 Sustainable development goals of UN for 2030, is about the mental health and well of human psychology.  The office has to be made pleasant by good behaviour, collaboration and understanding among the employees. The officeholder and the employees should be determined to not let the office to be disgraced by any sort of misunderstandings and stressful events.

Your smile and positivity will act as the most beautiful decor of the office and will definitely affect productivity, by increasing its manifold!

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Goodluck for your effective office set-up!??

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