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Warren Buffet’s Upside-Down Policy

The billionaire duo Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were found to be in the Dairy Queen for some lunch in Omaha last month after Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting.

They took their time to learn how to do some customer service. They did some restaurant training and there Bill Gates learned some things and shared on social media.

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Bill Gates talked about the Dairy Queens icecream ‘The Blizzard’.

Bill wrote in his twitter

“Warren and I recently picked up a @Dairy Queen shift. I think I may have been a quicker study in the blizzard department, but watch the video below and judge for yourself,”

Bill Gates wrote in his blogs about how he is struck by Warren Buffet’s “upside-down” view of the world.

According to Bill Gates, Warren thinks different about the world and for almost everything.

Gates said “he credits his amazing success to something anyone could do,” he wrote, quoting Buffet as saying: “I just sit in my office and read all day.

“one of the most patient people I know” Gates added, in the time when “instant gratification is craved in all aspects of life.”

“Warren is willing to wait to get the results he wants. As he once said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

According to Warren thinking differently with some upside-down ways is good and it runs deeply inside the DQ system.

Sometimes to manage a system we need to find other ways than the ways we have.

After the tweet in social media, many are praising these two for there willingness to learn something new.

“I admire your desire to work at this age” someone tweeted.

At last, Bill asked Warren why he invested in the food chain?

Buffet said that he has known Dairy Queen all his life.

“When Dairy Queen was contemplating selling, they thought of Berkshire,” Buffet replied.”Who better than a guy who loves the product…We made a deal and we lived happily ever after, “Buffet added.

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