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Vittala Temple: Mystery Behind The Musical Pillars


INDIA, not only famous for its cuisine and tourist spots but also for its prestigious shrines all over the soil. It is our bad luck that we don’t know much about them. Vittala Temple, an architectural beauty holds some great secrets and links which help us to explore our past.

You would’ve heard of many archaeological structures like, the oldest one or the modern one but have you ever heard of a temple whose pillars produce a soothing sensation whenever wind passes off. Vittala temple, known for its musical pillars has some great mysteries and science behind.

The Temple is one of the most magnificent and the grandest in the city of Hampi. When you enter the complex, the very first thing that will amaze you will be the craftsmanship of the artisans of the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple is the perfect example of the Dravidian style of architecture. Further, the temple was elaborated by enhancing with elaborate carvings.

Vittala temple: musical pillars


Emperor Devaraya II helped at its best to complete the temple in the 15th century. Krishnadevaraya expanded many portions of the temple, one of the renowned names of Vijayanagara dynasty. The temple is dedicated to Vittala. It is assumed that Vittala was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple has some fascinating stone structures. This temple draws people from all part of the globe.

The temple exhibits the immense creativity which the sculptors and artisans of Vijayanagara Empire possess. The temple is spread high compound walls and three tall gopurams.


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Maha Mantapa is the main hall of Vittala temple. It comprises of four more sub-halls. Over the facade of the temple, we have forty pillars lined. Each of these pillars has a height of 10 feet. The central part of Maha Mantapa has sixteen intricately decorate pillars, which hold beautiful sculptures of Narasimha and Yali. These set of sixteen pillars forms a rectangular court.



The large Ranga Mantapa is known for its 56 musical pillars. These musical pillars are also known as Sa-Re-Ga-Ma pillars, as these pillars produce the musical notes. We can hear the musical notes when we gently tap on the pillars. One can find a set of main pillars and also several smaller ones at the mandapa.

Each pillar is providing support to the ceiling of the mandapa. The main pillars are designed in the manner of musical instruments. Every main pillar is surrounded by 7 minor pillars and these minor pillars emit 7 different kinds of soothing voices.

Every note coming out of these pillars varies in their sound quality and also changes as per the percussion, string or wind instrument being played. The temple is, therefore, on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

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The geological analyst reveals the presence of Metallica ore and a large amount of silica makes the rock resonant.

It was surprising for the British government to look out at such a mysterious temple. Britishers distorted two pillars just to check the reason behind the vocal notes but they turned out to be hollow. Even today, the visitors can notice the two distorted pillars which were executed by the Britishers.

The city of Hampi is just a 25 square km vast area, which covers many architectural and heritage sites. The area is packed with temples, palaces, market streets and an abundance of ancient monuments.

However, after many test and investigations, scientists could not reveal the reason behind the vocal notes. But it still intrigues the Visitors.

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So far so good… being honest, it’s pretty sorrowful, we being the part or that generation who loves to explore, but still don’t have any clue of places which have a great contribution to our history. Do visit the temple before if vanishes from the Earth.