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Varkala- must visit place of south India

Varkala, a smell of fresh coastal oxygen in the Southern spice domain of Kerala! In India, Goa is the utmost folk’s terminus of choice. With its hippie ambiances, psytrance music, and debauched atmosphere. It’s a place that individual’s brawl to tug themselves away from!  With tons of unruffled places to binge eat, yoga ateliers and boutiques.

Into the city:

Varkala Beach was the flawless place to loosen up on a trip to India!I’ve fabricated this list of some of the gears to do in this petite concealed Keralan bliss! India is famous for its jam-packed, irrational cities teeming with color and culture. In place of taking the highway from Trivandrum airport, traveling down a small road consecutively parallel with the Arabian sea, lined with a zillion palm trees can turn out to be a delight!

1. Take an Excursion to the Beach and Backwaters:

If you have lost the backwaters in Alleppey, you can witness them in Varkala. Kappil backwaters are softer than those in Allepey. The view is also very attractive. Varkala Beach is filled with trip machinists who’ll aid you in booking a trip anywhere on any budget! Varkala beach is one of the top places to visit in Varkala.

Toes on the Sand:

With shoes in your hands get your toes wet, relish the serene twilight walk on the calm sand. The beach is surprisingly super clean and the water is face-clear. Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest things to witness in Varkala. The stunning sandy beach tops the list of places you must visit in Varkala! The top four beaches include Papanasam beach, Black beach, Odayam beach, and Kappil beach.

2. A visit to the Varkala Temple!

Amidst the topmost places to visit in Varkala, falls the ancient Janardhana Swami temple. Janardhana Swami temple is an old Vishnu temple. The temple bargains a faultless occasion to discover your inner harmony!

Where is Janardhana temple?

Janardhana temple is a quiet, serene ancient shrine on the south face of Varkala. Lord Vishnu is the ruling divinity of the Janardhana Swami temple.  It is erected in an ancient Kerala architectural elegance. Set close to the Papanasam beach, it can be simply touched from the Varkala railway spot. From a sordid series of 200 steps will lead to the temple.

When can I visit?

Temple timings differ liable on the season. In general, the temple is typically open in the early morning and the sunset. A call is necessary especially at the time of Aarti!

Does the temple have rules?

Yes, It does! Foreign residents are permitted inside the temple but not inside the inner altar. To pass in one is to be outfitted traditionally in a dhoti and no shirt (for men). The important rule is not to show your photographic skills inside as your gadget can get confiscated! Lighting lamps placed on the wall are performed.

More to the temple..!

There is a prehistoric tree in the composite which enhances the aura around. Irrespective of you being spiritual or not, you should pay a call to the temple! Just to acknowledge the astounding spiritual vigor from the setting. Certainly, a must-visit in your itinerary!

3. The Ever-standing Lighthouse:

One of the preferred tourist spots to visit around Varkala. If you have visited the Tthangassery lighthouse in Kollam you are sure to like this too! The lighthouse is situated outside the town at a detachment of 10 kilometers. You will not only witness the countryside scattered with palm trees and traversed Kerala backwater. But, also witness the charming village life.

Design of the lighthouse:

Hike up the lighthouse tower for the outstanding sight of palm trees, lake, sea, and the nearby beach. The Kovalam lighthouse is also very similar in design. Do keep in mind that the Varkala lighthouse is open to visiting between 3 to 5 pm only. Do add this to your itinerary when backpacking to Varkala!

Personal Note:

I had a ball in Allepey lighthouse with its petite garden and a minor museum. The Lighthouse is nonentity but still a valuable call! There are limited tourist pulls in Varkala, so why slip it?

4. Anchuthengu and Anjengo Fort:

Again, one of the top places to visit near Varkala. To view the relics of the ancient Anjengo Fort is a treat. This is an old British fort that was built by East India Company. The forerunner of India’s colonial rendezvous! Though rampant with the tourists, there is nothing much to view. Since there is only a wall of the fort overseeing the sea.

View from the Fort:

Respectable thing is that the fort is situated contradictory to the lighthouse. Hence, these two views can be easily united! So, make it a trivial stopover and keep moving. If you have time and the climate in Varkala is promising, take a walk on the beach to see Anjengo.

5. Peaceful yoga session in Varkala!

Joining a yoga class is a prodigious stress-buster and the best things to do in Varkala. Ashtanga yoga is very common and famous. One can learn yoga from one of the top yoga institutes. The top yoga schools are, Kasi yoga gurukulam, Sivananda ashram, yoga with Haridas Varkala, and shiva rishi yoga at Varkala cliff.

About the tutors:

A few yoga tutors travel from Mysore to Varkala Yoga teacher training are also available. The Yoga Tutor Drill Program is generally a month stretched. During the course, people can stay either in the Yoga ashram or in a specific Yoga withdrawal.

Fun fact:

During my Varkala visit, I witnessed a group of people performing beach yoga near the black beach. Fab for those who love to photograph people but, take their consent first!

6. Stop, shop, and go:

With all the hippie viewing stuff, shopping in Varkala is very exciting. From custom-made fit wears to hippie style outfits, you can sometimes run out of choices. Countless knick-knacks, silver jewelry, and loads of other things to window shop for. There are numerous good tailors to get your custom fit clothes ready. One can find many stores in and around Varkala tourist spots.

7. The Beach Nightlife in Varkala:

People usually visit Varkala to relax and chill. So, there isn’t much of a dark life in Varkala beach. Adding the fact that alcohol is quite delimited in Kerala. Certainly, some resort-cum-restaurants serve alcohol (partial time) performing thumping music!

8. Stress? Go for a Massage:

There are many massage middles in Varkala town. Some of the Yoga departures include Ayurveda sittings. Including Holistic Ayurvedic treatment and the famed Kerala Ayurvedic massages. There is some forte Ayurvedic clinic in Varkala for good stress relief. Close to the North Cliff, you can find one of the top spas in Varkala. One can get a beach massage with a great view!

Varkala Beach Resort - Personal Ayurveda Travel | GlobalVeda

9. The Day Trips:

You can go for exploration from Trivandrum to Varkala. The bus and train connectivity is good. Otherwise, you can take a daytime visit to Kollam from Varkala.

2 days visit to varkala - Reviews, Photos - Varkala Beach ...

10. The Cultural Centre:

If you have time in your hands and wanted to discover the local culture of Kerala. The best way is to pay a visit to the Varkala Culture Center. Several performances are rendered by the local artists which include Kathakali dance!

When you love traveling:

Whether you are a rambler, lone traveler, a pair, or a family, there is a lot of stuff to do in Varkala. I haven’t itemized what to perceive in Varkala but what to perform and enjoy too. Upright thing is that these spaces can be straightforwardly roofed in a holiday itinerary!

Where can I crash in?

Lodging is not unruly in this beautiful minor Kerala town. There are sufficient budget hotels and motels. If you are feeling coddled you can also lodge in any one of the beach resorts.

Explore then!

I can’t endorse Varkala Beach sufficient! It’s so much chilled out and laidback compared to Goa. A flawless place to let your hair loose, enjoy great food and scenery. The Clasp is on, let’s Eat, Sleep, and Travel!

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