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Trust Yourself & Timing of Life

When was the last time, you put faith in yourself? You were at a crossroad; not knowing which path to choose? Which direction to go on? And then, you gathered all of your courage and made a decision. You put faith in it, put your trust in yourself, believed the moment and trusted life? When was the last time it happened? You were at ease with yourself and trust the timing of life.

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Why is this happening to me?

At some point, if your life, you must have asked this question or something along the lines; what wrong did I do to deserve this? Usually, we torture ourselves with these kinds of questions when we are facing adverse situations. We never and I mean ever ask these questions when life is good to us, it is sailing smoothly without any turbulence. We never thank for the gifts that we receive but always complain about difficult times. Yeah, we are like that, ungrateful and selfish. Perks of being a human being or not?

Do you regret?

Regret is an inevitable part of life. As much as we like to absolve ourselves from this sin; we do carry this load on our shoulders, sometimes, even for the rest of our lives. Everyone has that moment, where we wanted to do something else and eventually, we did entirely differently. We jumped the gun, made a hasty decision and now no matter what we do, we can’t turn back that time and redo it.

So what do we do? We regret. That does not solve anything. It only makes things worse; adds to the guilt that was already brimming over the jar.

How do we cope?

With regrets, with bad decisions, with everything that life throws our way. Simple. We learn from our mistakes, we get hurt and then we heal. We put ourselves in the hands of faith, vulnerable, for the briefest of time. It is hard but necessary. We believe in ourselves, we trust the timing of life. We reassure ourselves that whatever happens is for good. Nobody can outrun either their decisions or life. It is foolish to do so and will always catch up to us.

Prematurely Over Luck or in simple words, Samay se Pehle, Bhagya se Adhik, Kabhi Nahi Milta.

Such simple words but with profound meaning. Life has never been easy. It is a complicated entanglement of emotions. One’s journey has lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. You face many complicated situations, make countless decisions. It might be wrong, it might be right. You never know, until the very end. But what you know and must do after making those decisions is, You Don’t Stop. You keep walking, one step at a time, keep moving on; regardless of how battered you feel.

You need you more than you need them. Trust me.... Unknown Quotes

Have a little faith in yourself, in life itself. Try it, at least once, and you will not be disappointed, I assure you. It will be the most beautiful and exhilarating moment, Trust the Timing of life!

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