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Top 7 Romantic Getaways In The World!

Concluding one particular destination for a romantic getaway can be a nitpicky task! You are perplexed with endless and bizarre options but you only have to choose one of them. That is when, the old-world charm of one place will magnetize you, the tranquil beaches or the phenomenon of the nightlife of other destinations will seem solid to ditch. And amidst this fluctuating situation, all you are going to do is land yourself in a puddle of confusion.

But worry not! This task becomes way easier than you thought when you have a fair idea of how much you can indulge in your romantic getaway. The upcoming destinations are some of the best romantic, luxuriant and adventurous locations which end up giving you memorable experiences. Right from some of the most awe-inspiring island destinations to the ones that saturate you in complete luxury, here are top 7 destinations to choose from.


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There is no better place than Budapest if you want your romance to continue and your getaway to be loaded with fun, nightlife, sightseeing binges, and cultural extravaganza!  Hungary, which is the capital city of Budapest, is a perfect mingle of charming landscapes, architectural grandeurs, sapphire blue rivers, and hilly topographies. Owing to its tranquil and eye-catching vicinity, it is also called the ‘Paris of East’. A honeymoon in Budapest can truly be one of the most romantic deeds. Couples can wander around the world-famous garden of Szent Park, visit stunning Castle Hill, witness postcard-faultless scenes from Halászbástya, attend live music show at Hungarian State Opera House, spend quality time at Margaret Island and the list goes on!


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Mauritius is certainly one of the most singled out beach countries romance to sparkle! With peaceful white sand beaches, coral islands, picturesque beauty, fancy bars, and marvelous shacks giving out lip-spanking food, Mauritius is one of the best destinations one can get to connect well with their other half. People who are in look out of a new beginning of togetherness, Mauritius is the best place to indulge in.  Varied experiences like water sports, tripping Grand Baie, Chamarel colored Earth (seven colored earth) and Pereybère, taking romantic saunters by the beach, visiting ancient Balaclava Ruins, clubbing, deep sea fishing, shopping excursions, etc.


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Keep your expectations high, as Turkey is going to be one helluva lavish affair for people who are looking for romantic yet, a lazy getaway. Right from a wait in the dreamy cave resorts in Cappadocia to treating yourself in sweltering baths at a restricted thermal pool and having a hot air balloon ride – there’s a lot to look out for to board on this new journey. In fact, being fellow citizens to Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey has a lot of cultural bonds with ancient Greek, Persian, Ottoman empires and Byzantine. Hence, your Turkey romance will be one memorable edifying retreat as well!


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Dubai is appropriately one of the most bustling destinations for Indian get awayers! It provokes multitude moods and its ever-changing backdrops offer a variety of experiences for couples. The extensive deserts, sun-shining beaches, shopping sanctuary, luxury cruises, and class apart infrastructure, skyscrapers, and sunny beaches – Dubai is yet another place for blooming romance and togetherness!


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Finely known for its bustling markets, hot springs resorts, captivating mountains, and unruffled landscapes, this miniature island in Asia are one of the suitable destinations for Indians. Exploring the street food, having a romantic time by the beaches, treating yourself with a therapeutic massage and oh! a visit to Trails of Toroko Gorge should absolutely be on every adventure-junkie couple’s priority catalog!


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Treasuring the unblemished beauty of nature, engrossing tourists, glamorous water villas, segregated islands is what the Maldives is all about! A visit to the Maldives with your beloved partner guarantees sluggish luxury and is perfect to loosen yourself after a hectic shenanigan. Most of the beaches in the Maldives are untouched by humans and hence it makes for an ideal destination selection for seclusion. Some of the have-to-do activities with your spouse in the Maldives are: visit the glowing beach, indulge in romance at detached breezy beaches, seaside candlelight dinner, sunset cruise, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and stay at a plentiful resort.


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Identified for its idealistic beauty and monumental luxury, ultra-alien hotels, and immaculate white-sand beaches, Seychelles is exactly what getaway dreams are made of!  Home to many beautiful islands, Seychelles tops the list of getaway zones for people. Island hopping, squandering time with your partner under the glittering sky, water sports, witnessing pleasing sunsets, romantic walk through The Garden of Eden, etc. are a few activities one must indulge in Seychelles.

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