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Top 7 Money-Minting Sources Of The Century: Job Edition

Top Jobs with Money

With the advent of a global recession, job and money has been the top source of worry for many people. Chief among these are students for whom employment prospects look bleaker as years pass by. Due to this, many students are considering not going to college at all! Because however, you see it, the return on a college investment breaks even only for a few job profiles.

That being said, keeping revenue in mind, there are certain jobs that guarantee a sustainable salary. If you are open to learning and money is your top prerogative, aiming to do certain degrees will give you a solid head-start in the never-ending race that is employment. To aid your quest for money, here are the top 7 hottest-paying jobs of the century!

The Battle Of Jobs

*The educational degrees listed are the minimum requirement to be in the race for a high salary. There are many other factors affecting the income in the listed professions.


Investment Bankers

Education Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree In Business, FinanceTop Job 7

Financial managers know their way around money, surely. And that’s good for them since they tend to accumulate a lot of it too. Businesses involve money, and money requires management. While the top professionals in this job criteria get a high revenue, even a basic graduate ends up earning a lot for someone fresh out of college.


Registered Nurses

Educational Qualification: Master’s Degree In NursingTop job 6

The top concern of an ageing individual is having a capable nurse to tend to his/her needs. Hence, the demand for nurses is increasing proportionally. Nursing requires a lot of hands-on educational investment. The degree costs quite a bit of money too! However, it is a profile that has one of the lowest rates of influx, making it a high paying job.


Chartered Accountants

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree In AccountancyTop job 5

The criteria to gain education in accountancy differs from country to country. However, as long as personal finance and taxation don’t go out of style, accountancy won’t! With the rise in keeping multiple sources of income, there are many taxation complications. Now, who better to solve these problems than an accountant? That being said, the job profile is on the saturated side of the market.


Commercial Pilots

Educational Qualification: VariableTop job 4

In many countries, a bachelor’s degree is required for aviation. In other countries, students can enrol into aviation school directly after high school. The only requirement is a certain number of flying hours. This job is tiring and stress-inducing; however, the perks are limitless. Travelling and revenue is only a part of the advantages of being a pilot. That being said, it is a job of high responsibility, so beware!


Data Scientists

Educational Qualification: Master’s Degree in Data Science, Data AnalyticsTop job 3

No one seems to know the work of a data scientist. Well, that’s because it differs from company to company. The common denominator, however, is data. Since data is omnipresent, so is the position of analyzing it for growth and progress. Data scientists tend to have a secure position in every company, with a high salary accompanying it.


Software Developers

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Engineering Or Software EngineeringTop job 2

Many people tend to pursue engineering. But unemployment rates are higher than ever. That is because top job profiles with a lot of money, like “Web Developers” and “Software Developers”, require a very specific skillset. A lot of additional knowledge is required. However, the result, i.e. the money is surprisingly ample.



Educational Qualification: Master’s Degree In Any Surgical SpecializationSurgical Specialty for Becoming a Surgeon - What You Need to Know

Surgery is one of the most sensitive areas of medicinal practice. Many people owe their life to surgeons. Hence, with due credit, surgeons who have been in their profession for more than 5 years are paid a large sum in return for their invaluable services.

While money seems like a good motivator to pick a job, you can earn it in any profession by being at the top of your field! In most cases, that requires a lot of hard work and patience, but the result is worth it. Most jobs are saturated and success requires a lot of hard work due to our population.. And this hard work is birthed by interest. In essence, being driven by money is good, but being driven by money and passion is the icing your cake needs.

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