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Top 7 German Fairy Tale Villages

Hallo! Willkommen aus Deutschland! Germany lies in Europe. The place is famous for two world wars. This beautiful country is not only famous for it’s technology but also for it’s history. As it coincides with European culture and breathtaking mountains surrounding it, contains the most beautiful villages of the world. Straight out of the Fairy tales, one must never miss to see.

1. Meissen

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Meissen is the oldest town in Saxony. This town is known for it’s porcelain production, which started in the 16th century. This town looks like Prague, but it is filled with German culture. The town has oldest castle of Germany. Albrechtsburg is dated back to 15th century, it’s gothic architecture still draws the attention. The gothic cathedral next to the castle has concerts, that one must check out. Procelain museum allow you to see the history. You will find many shops around selling porcelain wares, you can buy them as an souvenir.

2. Meersburg


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Lake Constance steals the beauty of this village. This add up to the beauty of the village. The glimpse of Alpine and Lake makes you feel the fairy world on the Earth. Alte Burg castle is the crown for this village, it’s 7th century art and architecture define the past as well as the beauty of the world which we all need to see. Timbered framed houses and shops makes the village more pretty. Situated at the border of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, this village attracts more tourist and travelers.

3. Rothenburg

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This village is most famous among all the villages. It is like straight out of the medieval era. The cobbled alleys and half-timbered house attracts the visitors in summer and in Christmas also. The environment will for sure submerge you in it’s charm. This village is must on your Europe travel list. This beautiful villages has ‘Medieval Crime Museum’ which is a must to check out while traveling through this village. It has been a great attraction for the filmmakers too.

4. Ahrenshoop


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Located near Baltic sea, this small fishing village once was a popular resort town. This small village has a population around of 700 people. The village is about an hour of north of Rostock. This village is perfect for the weekend off and great to have a walk around the shore of Baltic sea. People often have pleasure with cycling and exploring the surrounding of the village. The area around consists of eye catching scene and peace from a day to day life, it gives a great satisfaction and relaxing experience. Village also has ‘Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park’ which is worth to visit.

5. Cochem

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This tiny village is located on the banks of Mosel river. Situated in the Rhineland-Palatinate is of about 7.2km radius in size. The village is full of guild house, winding streets, quaint cottages and some fine building. The Cochem castle rise remarkably above from the village. Mosel wine trade is famous in Cochem. It has many vineyards and regional wines production, a small family run wineries near the Mosel river. You can also have trolley tour or rent a bicycle at many places for sight seeing. You can buy local wine as a memoir. It also has some exotic hotels and restaurants where you can try some exotic dishes and experience the medieval era environment, the best hotel you can visit is Hotel Germania.


6. Bamberg


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This village lies near the valley of Regnitz river which flows to the Main. The village also contain many building and historic sites that can be visited. St. Michael’s Monastery, the former Benedictine Abbey of Michaelsberg is located at the top of Bamberg’s seven church-crowned hills. It’s root is traced back at the 12th century and holds the unsung history of the Bamberg. Rauschbier and nine breweries is famous. Sandkerwa is a festival which is celebrated for five days in the month of august. Cheers!!

7. Lübeck


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Lübeck is located on the shore of Baltic sea, and it is one the most important port of Germany. This town contains many buildings and architects, which define art and beauty of the middle age. Trave and Wakenitz river connects the town to other town and cities. The street of the town is filled with the medieval merchants and cobbled streets gives you experience of the middle age. UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site. Guarded by the red-brick city gate, it is an icon of the city.

These village fascinates us even more and are proof that heavens exist on the earth.
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