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Top 5 Thriller Movies Of All The Time

Who doesn’t love movies? And if it can add a little chill to your spine, all the way better. Watched a lot of mushy romcoms and grown tired of them? Well, thrillers are what you turn to. Won’t make your heart leap like horror movies( don’t count on it though), and will also give you a satisfactory reality check. Thrillers have their own ways of staying with you long after you have watched them. There are several ones but not all will quench your thirst for watching a really good movie. So, here’s five all-time thrillers for you. Hop in your pajamas, take a bucket of popcorn, and settle down for a thrilling weekend ahead.

1. The Silence of The Lambs( IMDb: 8.6):

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - IMDb

It’s a Hannibal Lecter movie, so of course, get ready for some brutality and “unspeakably ugly” scenes. The movie revolves around the search for a killer named “Buffalo Bill” who kills women and then skins the corpses. A female FBI agent is given the job of finding out the killer but in the search, she has to rely on the help of Hannibal Lecter. Featuring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, this movie might be a little old in its pixels but the story is thrilling enough to make up for it. Give it a try and if you wanna take a bolder step, try out Hannibal Lecter too.

2. Seven(IMDb: 8.6):

Se7en Movie Poster - 2000 and Before | Seven movie, Suspense movies, Movie posters

A thriller starring Brad Pitt. Could anything be better? But, but, before you start dreaming about him, let me fill you in on a little about the movie. It explores a very unique concept-  the seven sins that were recorded by Dante as the ones which took people to hell. A serial killer goes about with these seven sins in mind, killing victims in the goriest way possible. I tell you, this movie is not for the faint-hearted. With Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in hot pursuit as two police officers, the movie ends on a sudden twist which you only get to find out if you watch it.

3.  Parasite(IMDb: 8.6):


Parasite 2019 Movie Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Ah, probably the only Korean movie which surpassed the popularity of Korean Drama and K-Pop. It also won an Oscar. Yeah, so you know now that we are serious. This movie is a black comedy thriller, a genre that a lot of people avoid stepping on as it’s such hard to work on. However, Parasite took everyone’s breath away with the subtle yet deep-rooted stories of two families, one poor and one rich. Just like evident things like class distinction, materialism was made prominent in this film, so were the abstracts like human desire and also the spirit of revenge. It is truly a film with many dimensions and as you watch it, it unfolds its many layers to present a story that will keep making you ask questions. There isn’t one protagonist as all the characters in this movie play equally cardinal roles in building up the story.

4.  Psycho(IMDb: 8.5):

Descargar` Psycho [1960] PELICULA COMPLETA Ver-HD™ Espanol - Latino Online # Psycho # #movie #fullmovie #streamingonline #movies | Filmposters

Digging into old graves again. Let’s take you back to 1960 when movies full of violence of gruesome activity was regarded as explicit content, hence not made so popular. However, this movie thrived on the same barriers and became quite popular with the audience. Starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin, and Martin Balsam, this is a psychological horror-thriller film based on a simple yet exhilarating story. It’s based on the 1959 novel of the same name by  Robert Bloch. The story revolves around a woman who embezzled money and what happens when she lands in an old secluded motel with an interesting proprietor. A good watch for a Friday night alright.

5.  Shutter Island(IMDb: 8.2):

Shutter Island (2010) - IMDb

Here’s one of the best Scorcese creations. One of the most eminent films of Leonardo di Caprio, this one is a psychological thriller which will make you question your own existence by the end. The story is about a  Deputy U.S. Marshal Edward “Teddy” Daniels, who is investigating a psychiatric facility on Shutter Island after one of the patients goes missing. It also stars our very own Hulk, Mark Ruffalo as the partner of “Teddy” and a fellow deputy Marshal. The story twists dangerously and plays with your mind in the most intricate of ways. Needless, to say, it will leave you spellbound at the end. Do watch it with a clear mind on a workless day as this will leave your mind satisfyingly exhausted.

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