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Top 10 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

When individuals contemplate about UAE, they are fast to focus only on Dubai. But then the capital? Abu Dhabi has affluence of countless events, vital edifying divisions, and unbelievable construction! I have charted out the top 10 things to experience and do in Abu Dhabi. Be it shopping to philosophy and traveling the Nation’s societies. The one Country that has reserved its artistic inheritance despite being liberal over time, it has to be Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi delivers roughly some of the striking visuals to its visitors. These are some of the gears to try in Abu Dhabi!

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Your journey in Abu Dhabi can’t commence without a call to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Cheers to its construction and the sagacity to its wonder! I endorse this as one of the primary gears to experience in Abu Dhabi. The uniqueness of this mosque is that it is noticeable from any of the crests and rims that link Abu Dhabi with its continental.

This is why Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was named the best landmark in the world - Esquire Middle East

Once you walk-past the tranquil garden, you can view the mosque mounting all in its beauty. The mosque was considered by the UAE’s President Sheik Zayed and symbolizes his latent residence. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the rare mosques in the province that salutes the crowd from all beliefs and creeds.

2. Desert Safari

For people who love adventure and some excitement in Abu Dhabi, Desert Safari must be on top of your do-to-lists in Abu Dhabi. The state of enthusiasm enhanced is remarkable and that’s the reason it has become one of the most visited places in Abu Dhabi. The Arabian deserts elucidate the tremendously extensive plot with plentiful choices to travel.

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You can pick the one that fits your chic and crisscross out the desert! You can book a slack Camel jaunt if you want to discover it from the eyes of the camel. For an eagle’s outlook, you can verify the “Bird’s Eye Balloon” jaunt to understand how the desert projects itself from the top view.

3. Formula Rossa

Wait! My references on quests in Abu Dhabi isn’t done yet. If you are even-more incredulous with my preceding commendation as a white-knuckle bustle then pick the Formula Rossa! Because the world’s largest and fastest roller-coaster is right here. This beast is located interior to the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Formula Rossa - DISCUSS | BLOG | CU

When watching at it practically, you might pull a drive for settled and sense you can very well pull it off! Then stand straight there to see the gates inviting you to the ride; your brain twitches to throw different choices. Once settled in the roller-coaster, there is no looking back as it flies at about 240 km/hour. What’s extra beguiling, the rapidity is touched within 5 seconds!

4. The Falcon Hospital

True! That’s factually an existing residence. This complete location is devoted to the fitness and comfort of Falcons. One of the main motives why there is a specific care-unit for Falcons is that they are an essential portion of the amusing legacy of the UAE. Falconry was fine art and heritage in the UAE. They were utilized in shooting and foraging of food by the Bedouins. Currently, it is viewed as the main game in Abu Dhabi. The town calls for all the essential requirements in taking the status of it.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi - Timings, Entry Fee, History & Artifacts

5. The Heritage Village

Will you accept if I stated that Abu Dhabi was a charming fishing town once? A heroic horizon elasticity directly from the exact site that housed the village. Fine, this is a slight part of data that you will absorb as a share of your journey to The Heritage Village. Situated suitably at the Dhow Harbour, the Heritage Village is an existing gallery that takes you through the period of the fruition of Abu Dhabi.

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6. Saadiyat Island Beach Club

Saadiyat Island is homegrown to a seamless seaside that you will rather bet someplace near the Caribbean. The UAE is branded for comprehensive, varied shores. Usually, the ensigns ain’t the loveliest around but, this is an omission. Tactlessly, 2 resorts inhabit most of it. That includes the St. Regis and the Park Hyatt which are eccentric.

Saadiyat Beach Club (Abu Dhabi) - 2020 What to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

There is a petite beach-club that welcomes the public. It isn’t cheap around US$20 to 100 per day, reliant on the season or date. But you’ll be given limitless entree to the jacuzzi, beach, steam room, sauna, pool, and loungers as long as you need.

7.Restaurants at Abu Dhabi

Though local is usually solid to stipulate in UAE as 50 years ago, there were barely a few fishing towns and desert Bedouins. Currently, almost 90% of the individuals living there aren’t Emirati. There is limitless diversity in food picks in the UAE. But the food classically related to local is a mix of Lebanese and Emirati cooking.

The Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

It’s easy to switch to international cables inside all the shopping centers, binge into many expensive restaurants around. But the local eateries are very affordable and it tastes as good as anywhere while being authentic. An easy way to find these eateries are amidst the Madinat Zayed shopping complex and the Corniche Beach. The Shish Shawerma and Chagh Kebab both are delicious and are a must-try food in UAE.

8.The Yas Island

Yas Island is a stretch of gravel from the early 2000s. From then on it has been one of the foremost spots for tourism in Abu Dhabi.

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9. Yas Marina Circuit

It is a Formula 1 racecourse presenting the closing race of every Formula 1 season since 2009. The race is dated in late November and touches about an hour before sundown. One of the greatest hotels, the Yas Viceroy is constructed across the Formula 1 trail. It airs like a spacecraft than a restaurant.

Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit reopens its facilities - News | Khaleej Times

10. Kayaking in the Mangroves

Will mangroves strike your thoughts while discerning about the Arabian Peninsula? In Abu Dhabi, they have big extents of mangroves with several low inlets. Some portions are right next to the city like the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel. Don’t mind if there are tiny crabs on the trees!

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Abu Dhabi is well-connected with the main Indian capitals. One can effortlessly book a flight from places like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Cochin, and New Delhi. One needs to drop an application for a visa before flying to Abu Dhabi. Else if you own a US Visitor Visa or a green card holder, you become qualified for a visa on the advent process.

Your visa should be effective at least for 6 months from the date of leaving and the visa is effective from the date it has been dispensed. Before you drop an application, it’s pretty safe to have a return flight ticket and possessing inveterate hotel tickets or dispatch of an invite from a family member or a friend to ease the process.

Abu Dhabi is a consolidation of roughly the finest experiences in the World. I certainly want each of you to observe them in the first place. What’s stopping you then?


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