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Top 10 Animated Movies You Must Watch

Over time, animated films have transformed the face of movies with fantastic metaphors, voluble stories, and moderate morals. Each movie on this list offers a difference in its creativity, art-style, story, or legacy. A wide span of animation procedures like stop-motion, Claymation, computer-generation, rotoscoping, and hand-drawing are used in these flicks. No other standards can assess and touch the limits of visualization and realization like film-making does. We’ve now cut down the list of animated movies, let’s jump into reading them!


The clue for this animation picture was cut-off from the authentic Shrek novel and was created by Steven Spielberg. The movie was conventionally animated and had an ensemble cast of Steve Martin as Donkey and Bill Murray as Shrek. No animated creature has ever locomoted, respired, or had its skin scuttle quite as believably as Shrek! It is one of the best animation flicks on Netflix. Shrek is a family-friendly fiction of an Ogre and a donkey rescuing a princess and discovering friendship and love along the path.

Things only adults notice in ShrekFinding Nemo

The subaquatic gem of the movie Finding Nemo is certain to fetch a broad grin on your visage. A good picture with a splendid background score. This seafaring animation follows the nominal clownfish, Nemo. The fish becomes separated from his dad.  The plot was about an over-protecting dad (Albert Brooks).

Finding Nemo | Official Site | Disney MoviesPixar’s top-ever voice crew including Ellen DeGeneres and Brooks are a perfect mix. Other notable mentions include Eric Bana, Stephen Root, Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush, and Allison Janney. The movie captures the gulf amongst an affectionate father, his adventures to rescue his vulnerable son.

Kung Fu Panda

Kids are sure to applaud this one as it’s the most lovable animation films ever made and it had Jack Black as the voice behind the main character, Po. Large, lumbering, belly-lapping Po is the most loved cartoon lead you can ever see! The movie speaks the typical lead’s ride and handsprings it with a justly ludicrous set. Kung Fu Panda has a prodigious voice cast featuring Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Ian McShane, Angeline Jolie, and Jackie Chan in the featuring.Kung Fu Panda | Kung fu panda 3, Panda movies, Panda wallpapers


Disney’s creation Aladdin is an animated art that was incited by a horrific tale. This former story was adapted from the Arabian myth compiling of One Thousand and One Nights.

Aladdin' review: Stars Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott good in needless remake - Insider


How to Train Your Dragon

Here is an exemption on How to Train Your Dragon! An exciting quest story that blocs between a teenage Viking and his dragon friend. The movie had striking, 3D-aided flying blocks, mountain-buildings, and the firm’s painterly graphics. It was the amazing Camerawork by Roger Deakins, we see those spectacular visuals.

How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World movie review: The human ...The Lion King

Adapting Shakespeare’s The Lion King, this movie tells a story of legacy murder and family set against the desert plains. The Lion King is one of the amazing animated movies in the world for its visuals. The Lion King has encouraged a Broadway drama of the same title that has gained $8 billion at the box-office. The villainous Mufasa was headlined by James Earl Jones.

The Lion King (2019) | Disney Movies

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is based on the writings of Brothers Grimm. In the original plot, the iniquitous step-mother is obligated by the prince to dance to her demise in red-hot iron slippers. This was a trope that went on to encourage Hans Christian Andersen to write Little Red Shoes thirty years after.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie review (1937) | Roger EbertWinnie the Pooh

Disney’s script-animated Winnie the Pooh from directors like Stephen J Anderson and Don Hall. It conjures humbler periods with wit, charm, and gasp! For a very young toddler and some grownups, this movie was a disappointment and wasn’t Disneyfied as such. The Pooh’s unique source was from AA Milne’s wonderful books.

11 Fun facts about Winnie the Pooh - Between Us ParentsToy Story

Toy Story is a movie that altered all the computer-based animation. Things fell in its place for this film. Shrill writing from Alec Sokolow, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, and Joss Whedon along with an amazing soundtrack from Randy Newman.

13 Playful Facts About the 'Toy Story' Trilogy | Mental Floss


Through 1940, viewers had somewhat curdled on Mickey Mouse. This provoked Walt Disney to discover a way to fetch the character back into streaming. After the hike in production cost, Disney decided to swell the project into a medley feature of eight movies. Watch Fantasia | Full Movie | Disney+

I covered some animated films on this list. Many other great movies justify acknowledgment. Disney is the foremost animation workplace in feature-length and short productions. From anime movies to family-friendly movies meant towards adults to stop-motion pictures, these are the animated movies on Netflix too. See you let it go!


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