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Things you never knew existed

World of fiction is always fascinating – here you have no clue that whether it is real or virtual, but still, a crave for exploring the world is there in your mind. That’s what we’re going to look upon. There are few things on this big Earth, which are a mystery to many of us. No, we are not going to talk about aliens or any UFOs, but a plant which is 1500 years old, Quokkas a rat family species, a cave that could fit a 40-story  building, and many more.

A plant that lives for thousands of years:

plant in the middle of the dessert

Considered as one of the most unique species ever found. Such unique beauty is found in Namib Desert, the Welwitschia Mirabilis which consists of two leaves, a stem base, and roots, according to the South African National Biodiversity Institute. It is said that the average age of a Welwitschia is 400-1600 years.


quokkas smiling animal

Here you might be thinking what makes Quakkas so important to be discussed, thanks to their bone structure, because of that they always appear to be smiling. You can find these marsupials on the small islands off the coast of Western Australia. Quokka behavior in response to human interaction has been examined in zoo environments, and they are quite peace-loving animals.

A cave that could fit a 40-story building:

the backs of two people standing in a huge cave

Hang Sơn Đoòng was found by a local man named Hồ Khanh in 1991, in Vietnam, and is considered the largest cave in the world- it has got some beautiful epic proportions. The cave was recently surveyed at 2.5 miles long with some passages as wide as 300 feet and, in places, more than 600 feet high. Stunningly, that’s enough space to fit an entire New York City block of 40-story buildings, according to National Geographic. The whistling sound of wind and roar of a rushing stream in the cave heard through the entrance as well as the steep descent prevented the local people from entering the cave.

A Bubblegum Pink lake:

Australia's Lake Hillier

If you came across Australia’s Lake Hillier or Hutt Lagoon without knowing anything about them, you might think that you have come to a wonderland. That’s actually because both the lake and the lagoon are bubblegum pink. The coloring is thought to be due to the high levels of salt in the water. Lake Hitlier is about 600 meters in length and about 250 m in width. Such auspicious beauty is a part of our nature…and we had no clue of it.

A Space Cloud that smells like Rum: 

A cloud in space surrounded by a million stars

Out there in space, there’s a cloud called Sagittarius B2 that’s made up of ethyl formate. That doesn’t sound too crazy until you find out that ethyl formate is what gives rum its recognizable aroma. That means the space cloud may very well smell like rum.


A hybrid zebra, donkey mix walking along a fence

Zebras no doubt are one of the most amazing creatures, but when it comes to their offspring that too hybrid, that’s the matter of discussion. the hybrid offspring is called a zebroid. The individuals can be zorses, zonkeys, or zonies, among other combinations.

Red Beach:

A red beach in China during sunset

Nature has its own beauty, one must remember that nature can always mold itself, one such beautiful example is Panjin Red Beach, situated in China, the biggest point of attraction is its deep crimson color. It is named due to the fact that it’s covered by red Sueda seaweed instead of sand. The seaweed begins to grow during April and May and is green throughout the summer.The Sueda is one of the few species of plant that can live in highly alkaline soil.

Human Tails:

a fetus at 6 months old with a tail

Before a person becomes a fully formed human, they start out as an embryo. And around the six-week point of gestation, that little embryo grows a tiny tail that’s long enough to have several vertebrae. Eventually, those vertebrae fuse together to form the tailbone. Though this bone isn’t permanent and after a few months, it gets dissolved.


These are few very unknown facts, which I guess this coming generation should look upon and try to research in this field. Gear up world, there are many more surprises to come!

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