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Things to keep in mind while traveling solo

A few experiences in life are worth living for and one among them is being able to travel solo and see the world for all it has to offer.

While the rules of the road vary from country to country, there are certain things that one must keep in mind while traveling solo

1) Planning

Make a rough outline of plans and then just go with it, doesn’t have to be a far-flung, exotic destination. Many might think it’s pointless to pre-plan. Yes, the whole fun of traveling is that you don’t plan and just go with the flow. If you’re putting limits on your travel, you’re not allowing room for improvisation. However, you must pack light and make sure you have your first aid kit, visa- handy, passport and other essential items. Go with your gut and keep planning minimalistic.

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2) Entertainment

Solo travel lets you out of your comfort zone and yet it lets you be. It’s the best way to connect with yourself. So, make sure your adventures bring you closer to yourself. Try to connect with locals who’ll keep you entertained with interesting facts, stories and jokes only an insider would know; these you will never find in a guide book! Interact with people, walk around, explore new places and capture moments.

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3) Safety

You need to be sure who you can trust when leaving your bags with them while going out. When you stay in hostels or hotels, you need to find a place to keep your stuff safe. Definitely, buy a good padlock and a good quality bag that you can rely on. But you should always know the difference between adventure and foolhardy choices.

4) Self-organization

When you travel alone, you need to be able to decide fast and make the right decisions since you’re the only person who decides where to go next. Also, keep track of your expenses and recheck your unavoidable expenses on the trip and make sure you have set aside money for that.

5) Accommodation

Community living is big and hostels serve as a great ground for it. People meet, share, connect, create vibes and move on to bigger things. Many ventures emerge out of hostel meets. A new generation of boutique hostels is aimed at travelers who seek style and are also budget-minded.

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6) Time management

This is crucial because this will give you an idea about places you can visit within a limited number of days. Make the most of your journey and utilize your time effectively. Stare out of the windows and observe your surroundings, enjoy the view and jot down your thoughts. This little bit of ‘alone-time’ will let you know yourself even better and is truly refreshing.

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7) Money Management

Spend your money wisely. Keep checking all sorts of travel apps to know about the best deals available. Know the tipping rules while eating out in other countries and pay. Make a note of available offers deals and prioritize accordingly. This way you can manage your expenses well.

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8) Follow basic travel etiquettes

One should always draft a travel manner before ticking places off the bucket list. Don’t listen to loud music in public places, jumping the entrance queue is not acceptable. Talk softly in restaurants and you should not haggle with the hotel staff.

Time is always ripe to delve into a variety of destinations. Eat at all kinds of restaurants ranging from local diners to high-end ones. Learn a few basic phrases in the language of your country or regional place. Be POSITIVE and start off the trip on a good note. 

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Bon Voyage 🙂 


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