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Things every restaurant does to trick you


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Food is Life, Life is food. Restaurants like any other business out there are to make money. A person enters the food area to satisfy his taste buds but that becomes a reality or not that totally depends on the worthy restaurant. As bizarre it may sound but restaurants never leave a single moment to extract money from your dearest pocket. The second you to step to a food area the eagle eyes of the restaurant are fixed upon the customer. The menu, the best weapon in the food industry is provided just to make you serve what they want not what you desire. So let’s have a look at the things that every restaurant does to trick you.

1. The Menu

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Initiating the things with the menu itself the foodie is flooded with a plethora of food choices to make. The flood of “superfluous adjectives”, over the top highly enthusiastic hyperboles, the amazing display of high-end vocabulary and many more such things add gravity to the menu. The menu is so designed that the customer feels that he is the king of this food empire and everything is there just to please him.

2. Making it personal

The usage of personalized words like mommy’s delight or grandma’s cookies is just another psychological trick to befool you. The nostalgia thus created out of the personal association only motivates you to add that dish to the meal. Like how could a restaurant know what your grandma cooked for you? This is just to befool you and the job is already done. Nevertheless, it works and pays well for the restaurants.

3. The Price Game


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Have you ever wondered why there is so much negative space on the menu all the time and even if not you must have always observed that there are no dollar signs on the menu? Ever thought about it? Yeah, this also has something to do with our psychology. Our mind is designed to look for figures before anything and if one looks at price sends you running to the hill then how will you relish food? One more thing that is also equally amazing is the usage of digits like 99 not 100 on the menu. The deterrence of the whole numbers has also to do with the gamble the industry is playing.

4. The persons with extraordinary intelligence~Waiters

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They magically come out of nowhere and treats you like God. Waiters have an answer to your every query. They would recommend dishes that you never tried and probably never would but you be would be helpless. As you have come under their magic spell and as a result probably ordered more than you wanted. Which, serves their purpose very well. And don’t forget the tip that they get out of you with their smooth talks and charming ways. Yes, they are sneaky like that.                                  There are so many other magical tricks a restaurant does to deceive you ,like using heavy cutlery for the food you ordered just to make u believe that your dish deserved the heavy embellished treatment, coming up with drinks when you have only gone for the main course,adding their personal favourites to the order just to pursue you to pay more so on and so forth. The food is as tasty as your dearest pocket ,the next time you go to dine in a restaurant remember these tiny yet clever tricks and enjoy the food.

So it’s a wrap, I hope that this would help you. Whenever you decided to pay a visit to a nearby restaurant do keep these things that every restaurant does to trick you in your mind. It will help your wallet feel relaxed immensely, for sure. do check this link to know more: https://www.aol.com/article/2016/07/28/11-psychological-tricks-restaurants-use-to-make-you-spend-more-m/21440955/


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