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The Whimsical Relationship Between Covid-19 And Examinations


Most news media platforms and observant scholars of the COVID -19 ramification are constantly addressing this issue. One of them being the “student community”. We are hard-hit, especially because we are in the middle of hell and heaven when it comes to our study plans. Institutes are shut, classes are hauled and we are clueless about our examinations. Around this time, when the world is facing an existential crisis, students across the globe have mixed feelings for the strange decision.

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On one hand, we are all posting memes and statuses indicating that we wouldn’t mind sacrificing a semester for the security of our country. This wave of unfortunate catastrophe has allowed us to be patriotic. Just the way we always wanted- by doing nothing but rest!


In the initial stage of the successive lockdowns, we didn’t expect the situation to get this bad. But, growing apprehension about education, especially the entrance examinations anticipated in the next few months has put a question mark on the future. While the world is united to combat this pandemic, renowned institutes, educationists have been formulating ways to tackle the confusion. Keeping in mind the health and safety of student candidates and staff, online education and work from home have been encouraged.


We have already entered the third phase of lockdown and still, the future of examinations is unclear. To ensure health and safety many unforeseen steps have been taken by the administration. While many board examinations have already concluded for this academic year.


In this scenario, a subset of our student community is in celebration mood. As some schools have directly promoted the students to the next level without examinations. But, what about those who were to step into their careers right after the examinations? Amidst the chaos, UGC has suggested a way out for the semester-end examinations in colleges.


Coronavirus: Latest update on all boards and recruitment exams ...This is impossible unless the entire country is out of danger. Looking at the current situation, with the hope that it would get better the decision for conducting semester-end examinations for final-year students is decided in the month of July. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we expect things to get back to normal soon. Though this is the time of the year when the admission process commences for most universities. The notified disaster has put a full stop on all these processes.


While the apex education bodies in India are scrutinizing the situation closely. Our responsibility as students is to utilize this time in our favor. How? The best example of this initiative is the decision of GMAT. Head to conduct an interim GMAT online examination interim aimed to make the students feel safe. Such platforms are a win-win situation for both the students and the institutes of the country. India is still contemplating on education and examinations.

While other countries of the world like the United States, have taken strict steps for restricting education in colleges to online platforms until the next year. Don’t worry if you have been taking coaching classes for the  UPSC and SSC examinations. This lock-down extension is good news for you as you get more time to revise your notes.

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Nonetheless, time is money, and especially in this period of lockdown, we have realized how time, health and family are more important than anything else which we once thought were important for us. Remember, this time, when you appear for your entrance examinations, you can’t say that you didn’t have time!



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