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The New Toyota Hydrogen Engine Sounds Amazing

Now gear heads can be a little easy on themselves when revving up their engines, as they don’t have to think much about the environment when in a Toyota Mirai. Toyota has been developing a hydrogen-based engine that runs entirely on hydrogen with no need for gasoline whatsoever.

Current State of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel

Toyota already released a hydrogen-based vehicle in 2014 for the everyday consumer. Ever since they have been hard at work on developing an efficient engine. Though using hydrogen as an alternative vehicle fuel is a creative solution, we are still far from normalizing it. The reason for the same is that there are various factors that need to be taken into regard. These include production feasibility, efficiency, storage struggles, etc. The U.S. Department of Energy says, “Applicable codes and standards for hydrogen storage systems and interface technologies, which will facilitate implementation/commercialization and ensure safety and public acceptance, have not been established.”

Toyota’s Claims

However, Toyota claims that the so-far developed engine is no less powerful than your traditional gasoline engine. With a bonus of negligible production of combustion waste. But still one can observe the production of a small amount of carbon dioxide due to the burning of engine oil and some other greenhouse gases due to the combustion of hydrogen.

The Super Taikyu Series

The company declared that they announced that they will be participating in an event in May. The Super Taikyu Series’ 24-Hour Event is an endurance race that tests the vehicle on all grounds. The event is from 21st-23rd May 2021. The GAZOO Racing Company, which is the racing team of Toyota will be using a Corolla Hatchback for the race.

“To make such a technology a reality, you have to put yourself in a place where the time axis moves quickly, and you have to put things to the test again and again. It was as if I had been told: If you don’t do that, the future won’t come any closer”.


Koji Sato is the president of the GAZOO. Hiroaki Ishiur, the driver of GAZOO said, “It’s not as different as I expected. It feels like a normal engine.” It is very reassuring, the comparison tests and the confidence of the company in their design.


Toyota’s engine uses hydrogen gas to convert electricity and power with an onboard electric motor. This is different from the engine in Mirai. Plus, the engine sounds very AWESOME! That’s another point for the gear heads to be excited upon.



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