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The Dark Web

“What we see may not be always true, while there may lie deeper truths that are actually never visible to Us.”  The internet is a much, much bigger place than you probably realise. You know about Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and many others but do you really know what’s lurking beyond those user-friendly and respectable websites?

This is but a tiny corner of the internet, and the Dark Web and the Deep Web loom in much shadier corners. Let’s take a tour to help you make up your mind.

Surface Web - Deep Web - Dark Web

Surface Web

As per the researchers, what all websites, links, blogs, videos and WHATEVER stuff that you encounter on the internet while browsing or by using the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. comprises of only 5% of the Internet and is called as the Surface Web. In short, what all that is mainly visible to you and what all that you encounter is Surface web; the entire World Wide Web (www). Even this website and this blog that you are reading right now is a part  of it.

Deep Web

As is implicit in its very name, the deep web can best be described as a labyrinth of sorts, complete with infinitely fascinating content. Basically it is all of the internet that cannot be found by regular search engines, as the pages are not indexed in any way. Let us look at the world’s largest search engine; Google.

Google’s indexing system begins with a process called “crawling.” Imagine a virtual robot spider that starts at the home page and then crawls to and from all the pages on the site that can be accessed by clicking all the links. Google then scans the data and renders the content to send to Google’s index servers. From there, Google organizes the data by context and enters it into a base of algorithms that make up the search engine. Beyond the boundaries of Google-able content is every bit of information you can think of. It contains a wide range of information and data, from the inner-dashboard of your bank account after you log in to private, password-protected websites to unlisted articles and videos that might be censored or blocked in certain countries. In short, Google is Watching us everytime, even when you are on Airplane mode i.e. without any data connection or even any network. Check this out:

But all this data can be accessed only by Us-The user; either through some login IDs, passwords, Captcha detection, Security based encryptions etc. whatever maybe the mode of authentication that they use. For e.g. I cannot access your Google drive account and its data unless You share its link with me and allow certain permissions for me to access it. To cut short, your credit card based payments, online shopping accounts, PayPal, MasterCard etc. all this mainly comprises of the Deep web.

Dark Web

The dwindling portion at the very bottom of the iceberg is a subset of the deep web that’s only accessible through softwares that guards anonymity. Because of this, the dark web is home to entities that don’t want to be found.To expand on that visual, it’s necessary to explain that the dark web contains URLs that end in .onion rather than .com, .gov or .edu.The network that these .onion URLs reside on cannot be accessed with the same browser you use to access your Facebook messages, the justice department’s archive or your email accounts.

As such, the dark web is a place for people and activities who don’t want to be found through standard means.

It’s complete with illegal trade markets and forums, hacking communities, private communications between journalists and whistleblowers, and more. The scope of its ‘DARKNESS’ is beyond our imagination. Almost all sites on the so-called Dark Web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool. You may know Tor for its ability to hide your identity and activity. You can use Tor to spoof your location so it appears you’re in a different country to where you’re really located, making it much like using a VPN service. When a website is run through Tor it has much the same effect.

Indeed, it multiplies the effect. To visit a site on the Dark Web that is using Tor encryption, the web user needs to be using Tor Browser.  Just as the end user’s IP address is bounced through several layers of encryption to appear to be at another IP address on the Tor network, so is that of the website. You can Google it to know more about this browser and its tools.

Thus, sites on the Dark Web can be visited by anyone, but it is very difficult to work out who is behind the sites. And it can be dangerous if you slip up and your identity is discovered. I could have provided you more links regarding the Tor and all, so that You can know more about it only from an educational perspective. But, DARK WEB IS STRICTLY ILLEGAL. WE DON’T WANT TO LAND INTO TROUBLE Guys !!

In March 2015 the UK government launched a dedicated cybercrime unit to tackle the Dark Web, with a particular focus on cracking down on serious crime rings and child pornography. The National Crime Agency (NCA) and UK intelligence outfit GCHQ are together creating the Joint Operations Cell (JOC). They are working and keeping a watch on all the activities of Dark web.

So, I would deeply request you to stay away from this Darker side and protect yourselves if you don’t want to be tracked by the Servers of the NCA and The CIA. Check this one out to know more about Dark web :

Thanks a Lot Reader for giving your precious time ! Hope You enjoyed it and gained some information on the same. Stay Safe Always. !!

Prateek Ralhan
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