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The Beauty with Brain – Camille Schrier

We live in a society that has people of every sort. We live where people love to break stereotypes and dare to follow their own ideologies. They have the potential to carve a path for themselves. They do not wait for the opportunity to arrive but rather create one of their own. They know what they want and are not afraid of what people think about them. They believe to take the risk and let their work do the talking. Camille Schrier is one of those people.

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She is a 24-year student, a biochemist, a system biologist and a pursuer of pharmacy. She has become a prime example of ‘giving her all or nothing’. She participated in the contest for the title of ‘Miss Virginia’ and won more than just a tiara. She won hearts and gave hope and courage to others. She told people that beauty is not just a beautiful face and a thin waist. It is much more than that. It is a beautiful mind to think freely and a strong heart to carry out what it truly desires.

Camille Schrier proves that if you have the guts to take on the world then the world is there for your taking. She gave a pleasant shock to everyone present onboard for the talent round when she came upon the stage wearing her white lab coat. It was a talent round and she showed hers in the form of an experiment. She dazzled the audience and the judges with her experiment- ‘Elephant toothpaste reaction’ and secured the title. Gone were the days where conjured beauty was the base of winning but now we approve of true talent. We applaud people with thinking of their own and we accept the oncoming changes with open arms.

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Society has improved much over the decade and as the days pass by we are becoming more liberating in our thoughts. Now we understand that true beauty lies beneath the skin. We have evolved from onlookers to doers. We believe in our cause and give it all. We no longer listen to empty promises and rely on others to fulfill them. We face the challenge head-on and thrive on the prospect of discovering diamond among stones.

Camille participated in the competition fully aware of her cards and dealt with them wonderfully. Her win is not of her alone. With her, the change has won. Beauty pageants are no longer a place where participants strut in line wearing enchanting clothes and speak for world peace. With time it has evolved into a place where women show what they are made of, where they are allowed to represent themselves and their beliefs, where their voices are heard and choices adhered to. She showed us that a girl need not restrain herself. She can be a beauty, a scientist, a doctor anything and everything as long as her desire and work hard for it. Her achievement is an inspiration for thousands of girls to break out of the shackles and do what they truly want for them.

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P.S- Why only a girl? Anyone can be what they want as long as they are willing to work on it. It is rightly said that the sky is the limit.

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