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Tesla Smart Summon Feature Scaring People!

Tesla Smart Summon

A few days before Tesla launched Smart Summon feature in its autopilot cars in its beta program. Now users can bring the car to their steps by just tapping on a button!

Here is how it works:

  • Open the Tesla app and tap on a button to get the car to your location.
  • No human required inside the car.
  • Hold the button till the car reaches in front of you.
  • Release the button and you sit in your car!Image result for tesla smart summon


So by this Tesla heads towards https://transparentpharmacy.net science fiction where car comes by itself to Tony Stark. This is what Elon Musk is doing with its companies to achieve which was never thought of before. But it seems it doesn’t turn out the way it should.

Image result for tesla smart summon


The feature is still in Beta and testing in real-world isn’t that safe to play with. Many people using this feature have reported that the car doesn’t stop automatically when a person, car or an object comes in front of it, or it stops on a very close call which is dangerous. It takes very risky edges when taking turns. Some photos by owners also show it diverting away from the road! The company hasn’t let this feature to work on public roads as of now, so it can be used only in parking lots.

Image result for tesla smart summonHere is a Video posted by UrAvgConsumer showing his testing in action. We see the need of much getzonedup best nootropics improvement in the feature, as in these conditions it’s hard to put blame on the owner as the person was not even in the car, it was driven by Tesla algorithms. Anyways its good to see practical innovations and development in Technology coming up.

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