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Learning Tools By Tech-A-Mania

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Enriched and quality education is an absolute necessity: truth being told, an exemplary source of education is as necessary as anything else. The significant gift of learning is the fundamental right of every single person in existence, and taking a step forward in

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IISER Pune: A Hub For Research And Science Education

  IISER(Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research), Pune is one of the most premier institutes of higher education in India. The institutes, established by the Indian Parliament through the National Institutes of Technology, Science and Research (Amendment) Act, 2010 has been providing extremely high-quality education at the Undergraduate level. This powered

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Fun learning for toddlers

They say learning starts in the cradle and I completely agree with the notion. As soon as the baby leaves the womb his growth has already started. And it is our responsibility to guide him in the right direction. The problem comes with the method. Which technique would be adequate

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