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Technical Ideas to Save World From COVID19

"Technology - often characterized as an industry that benefits only the privileged - is additionally helping people to fight against the covid19" The technology uses several things. In this pandemic scenario, it is helping to fight with covid19 in many ways. Some of the scenarios where technology is helping are: Positioning

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The Whimsical Relationship Between Covid-19 And Examinations

INTRODUCTION Most news media platforms and observant scholars of the COVID -19 ramification are constantly addressing this issue. One of them being the “student community”. We are hard-hit, especially because we are in the middle of hell and heaven when it comes to our study plans. Institutes are shut, classes are

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Best Apps To Make Solo Travel Easier

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge and irreplaceable impact on the travel and tourism sector. All those who planned Solo-travel this summer had to put their plans on hold. Most countries have put restrictions or completely stopped all kinds of travel to reduce the spread of the infection. But don’t

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