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Success and Failure-Two sides of the same coin

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is all about the courage and the determination to carry on that count. Success isn’t about achieving our aim of reaching our final destination; it is the journey that counts. Success is analogous to the top of an iceberg and the journey to success is analogous to the submerged part of the iceberg which often goes unnoticed by people. It is about the countless attempts to achieve success after each failure and undying dedication towards our goal that counts. Success and failure are inter-related, they are the two sides of the same coin. Without the courage to face failure, one cannot hope to succeed.

Failures are Stepping Stones to Success

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Our society does not reward defeat; therefore failures are not documented in history. Exceptions are those failures that later became the stepping stones to success. One such example is of the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison whose most useful invention was that of the light bulb. In this particular invention, he had to face failure 1000 times before he developed a successful prototype. But in today’s world, this type of undivided dedication is hard to come by, due to which many of us avoid the prospect of failure and instead gladly settle for a life of mediocrity. When we face failure, we give up on our goals, on our dreams and instead start doing something which was never our goal in the first place. This becomes the cause of an unhappy life with unfulfilled dreams. According to many people in our success-driven society, failure is not only considered as a non-option, but it is also deemed as a deficiency and is looked down upon. Due to this attitude, people are unable to accept failure.

Failure is life greatest’s teacher


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When we read the success story of many people from all over the world, the acceptance of failure is not uncommon among them. If we take the example of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who was not a Harvard-university dropout but also failed in many exams in his school and college life. His great success story is known to all but only a few people are aware of his journey to becoming the richest person in the world for 13 continuous years. He took all the risks as an entrepreneur; his ideas were initially rejected by many companies. Relations at home were also strained as his family was not at all happy with his decision of dropping out of Harvard University. But he did not lose faith in himself and we all are aware of what heights his faith took him. As someone has rightly said, “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all, in which case you have failed by default”.

Unfolding your Potential

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To overcome any specific challenge in life or to conquer unparalleled heights the main problem is our fear and the lack of self-belief. Our fear is our greatest enemy in the path of success. We are well aware of our true potential but we often get carried away by what others say. We either underestimate ourselves or overestimate ourselves both of which are harmful to us. We overestimate our potential by trying to follow others’ passions, their dreams leading to failure; or we underestimate ourselves by listening to others which brings us down. We forget that life is an exam and we fail to try to copy others, forgetting that everyone has a different question paper.


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