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Student Organisation Adopt a Railway Station and Beautifies it!

We often hear from others, “India is a dirty country, India is a smelly country” and there is no doubt that we say it ourselves. Don’t you think it is your country and you should be responsible for it . Similarly, a responsible citizen Mr. Rajesh Kumar took this responsibility in his own hands after coming back to India from Singapore. He did not have help or any volunteer and managed to beautify, clean and bring life to the Urapakkam Railway Station in Southern Chennai. This initiative inspired a student run organization “Light and Life”, in SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, following which it’s volunteers decided to adopt Potheri Station. It is a dream for us to see India as the most beautiful and clean country. This can only be done when each one of us decides to keep our surroundings clean.

Process started off with the cleaning of platform. There were many illegal advertisements posted on the railway premises, which were scrapped off by wetting the posters with water followed by collection of loads of garbage on the platform by the volunteers of the organization. In the next phase of the project, Light and Life aims to paint the station and put more dustbins so garbage can be easily disposed.

It is a request to all the citizens to kindly be aware of their surroundings, spread awareness and help us keep our country clean.

Because it starts from you!

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