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Shared Dreams, Bright Futures.

The historical union of the largest democracies of the world- INDIA and AMERICA, represented by their Prime Ministers, PM Modi and PM Trump at the NSG Stadium in Houston shared the stage with a gathering of almost 50,000 Indian-Americans is considered as the largest gathering ever for a foreign leader visiting the US. This event is believed to take US-India ties to a new level. PM Modi was very respectfully welcomed by the enormous crowd.

 HOWDY MODIPM Modi warmly welcomed by Donald Trump and in an enormous gathering of around 50,000 members

The event began with the welcome speech of PM trump, where he appreciates PM Modi for his exceptional service for India and Indian people. Addressing the gathering of 50,000, he talked about how border security was a crucial issue for both the nations and how he has been working towards taking relevant steps regarding the issue.


During the mega event, Howdy Modi, our PM appreciated the audience saying that the energy (of the gathering) and respect being shown, is the indication of the new synergy between India and America. Beautifully expressing the diversity of India, he answers “HOWDY MODI?” in all the languages from Hindi, Punjabi, and Marathi to Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam: “EVERYTHING IS FINE!” After which, he very briefly explains the diversity in terms of religion, language, food, dress-up, seasons, culture, and traditions, significantly making India a unique, vibrant and successful democracy.

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PM Modi addressed the audience, representing India and Indians

He described 2019 elections as the most successful elections in Indian Democracy with not only the highest voter’s turnout, but also empowering women voters and women leaders. He also shares India’s dream: “NEW INDIA”, giving a brief report with milestones to achieve the goal! The PM spoke intrinsically about his achievements– from sanitation to Bank accounts. He also highlights how approximately 1.5 trillion rupees, almost 20Million U.S. Dollars was prevented from falling into wrong hands by bidding a farewell to 350,000 shell companies and over 80 million fake names from the papers.
PM Modi discussed the welfare and farewell schemes exclusively undertaken by BJP. He quotes the importance of abrogation of Article 370 (a farewell to a 70-year-old challenge for India) in India and how this act was supposed to curb terrorism and paucity of resources. While addressing a massive gathering of nearly 50,000 Indian-Americans, Modi said the “conspirators of 9/11 and 26/11 belonged to the same country. India’s decision on Article 370 has troubled some people, who can’t handle their country, who support terrorism, he exclaimed!
He also talks about the “transparent ecosystem” for a unified growth (VIKAS). He describes the growth of India as exponential and complete. He appreciated Trump’s firm commitment to fight that battle against terrorism, by giving him a standing ovation by the entire crowd. He summarises the economic growth of India, which he said, was 7.5 (the maximum average in the history of democratic party rules. Low inflation, low fiscal deficit, and high growth rate signify the success of India in economic development. He also specifies certain funds being utilized for the overall growth of the nation. He explains how FDI norms have been made easier for 100 percent foreign investment in Coal Mining and Contract manufacturing fields.

He motivates the gathering of how India and America can grow together. India’s dreams- NEW INDIA and economic growth in America and India would turn out to be a success for the healthy bilateral relations and overall growth. PM Modi appreciates Trump stating that PM Trump calls Modi, “The Top Negotiator”, but he is also “The Master of The Art of The Deal” and that he is learning from PM Trump.
He ended his speech (with an invitation to PM Trump for visiting India) at 01:40 pm summing up to 50 minutes of his interaction with the people of America and came down the stage in the sound of “MODI, MODI”.

Image result for pm modi bowed down in howdy modiPM Modi, after his speech of around 50 minutes

This grand event is expected to boost the overall growth of both the nations and also strengthen the friendly relations of US- India, against all the odds!

modiIndia- US friendship to yield economic growth and security in both the democracies

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