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Samsung’s First 5G Phone

It is an exciting time to live in. So there has been a lot of speculation reportedly regarding a 5G phone by the South Korean giant Samsung. Reports suggest that there will be three models for the upcoming Galaxy S10 series – Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. But what has been making a buzz around is not these three, but what might be a new model named “Beyond X”. This phone is going to support 5G, which means blazing fast speeds for all your needs. We just hope that it would turn out as cool as its sounds. So let’s have a look at the samsung’s first 5G phone!!

What’s Exciting “Beyond X”?

(Concept based on multiple leaks)

This beast is rumored to feature a full 6.7 inch display. With Samsung’s notchless design being its USP in the market,  it might  also shift to the hole punch display going with the trend in 2019. It would be having dual front cameras and four primary rear cameras. That makes it a total of six cameras!. But what makes it really a massive update to its predecessor is

Yes 5G is real. It is going to open a whole new world of possibilities. Well just to give you an idea, here you go …

5g speed comparison

Now this is only the absolutely maximum speed. Obviously the speed would be lesser on a phone as compared to your computer and would depend on various factors like the mobile carrier, antenna position etc.  But the speed difference is pretty evident. If 4G was a Toyota, 5G is going to be a Ferrari.

The phone would also have a Time of Flight (TOF) sensor, which is essentially Samsung’s take on Apple’s proprietary TrueDepth camera system for advanced facial recognition and security. Also Qualcomm’s ‘3D Sonic Sensor’, which is the in-display touch sensor is speculated to be in the Galaxy S10 series.

qualcomm 3d sonic sensor

According to the Wall Street Journal, all four phones may be announced as early as an event in mid-February. The 5G support is expected to come on phones by this spring which means the Beyond X is scheduled for arrival around that time.


So should you be excited? Absolutely. Should you buy it? Well it depends, the cost would be pretty steep. It ain’t coming cheap, at least not as a first generation 5G device. We feel you should probably wait and see how things pan out. If the first generation is promising, the future updates are going to be much more better and would probably come at a much lesser price. If price is not an issue for you, go ahead, this phone will definitely blow your minds as compared to the previous 4G models.

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