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Robert Pattinson’s Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker


Batman movies are always the highlight of DC movies and they are incomplete without Joker.DC fans were always the ones getting bullied for their DCEU(DC extended universe) or simply for their movies. But when the new Joker movie was announced and the first-ever teaser was dropped everyone knew it was gonna bang hard. But after the successful release and oscar-winning performance of Joaquin phoenix everyone wondered what next, DC fans had their wish come true of a batman movie starring Robert Pattison. Here we will talk about these two movies and what could they give us.

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JOKER (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix nailed the role of the joker. He continued the legacy of getting the oscar for the character of joker following Heath ledger. The movie entirely focuses on Arthur fleck aka Joker. And how the whole world around him makes him lose his mind. The movie broke the record of highest-grossing R rated as it crossed $788 million+ mark. And to be honest it was breathtaking, like a puzzle with all its pieces coming together and presenting the perfect ending and a story of how a supervillain was born.

Batman (2021)

The rumored movie for a very long time and say most awaited after joker was released. The most controversial topic was who is going to play batman the last movie prompted by Ben Affleck. But the director wanted a young batman so Robert Pattinson was cast for the role. Some clips were let loose for the hungry dc fans like batmobile reveal and the batsuit reveal. To be honest the details were terrific of how the bat symbol on the bat suit was made up of gun that killed his parents. Batman Star Robert Pattinson Retracts Comment About Joaquin ...


Joker vs Batman

At the end of the joker, a sequence was shown in which a family was shown coming out of a theatre and going down the ally. The family of three with a boy was shot leaving just the kid. This sequence teased the famous origin of the superhero Batman. Also, the Wayne family was shown in the movie teasing about the future connection between the Joaquin phoenix joker and the batman. Their future face-off is what the fans want and is most possible to see in the future.

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