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Revamped Indian dishes with foreign flavors

When you see Indian food, you just cannot help to not bless your tastebuds with it. The best part of Indian Cuisine is that it’s not just the traditional dishes and recipes from our ancestors. The list of recipes is vast and never-ending. The influence of the foreign flavors helped us recreate a whole new niche of cuisine called Revamped-Dishes or Fusion-Dishes. The chefs from other countries are soo astonished when they find out how we are spicing up their flavors and dishes. The influence of all the global cuisines resulted in magnificent and stunning, tasty treats for us.

Top 10 best Revamped-dishes that are stealing our heart

With the twist of Indian Spice, we are making everything nice. And here are some of them which made our tongues spell bounded.

1.Tandoori Momos

Momos = Love. It’s one of the most popular street food in India. A joy ball filled with a range of stuffing and happiness. You can have a momo stuffed with paneer, veggies, chicken, and whatnot. You should try out the broad-spectrum of fillings in Tandoori Momos.

Tandoori Momos

2. Chilli Potato

Potatoes are the most versatile vegetables. It can bring a smile to a face in any form, be it french fries or home-made Dum aloo! But trust me this form of potato is a whole new delight to the tastebuds. Chilli Potato is an amazingly spicy and tasty dish made up of golden-crispy potatoes. If nothing appeals to you on the menu, potatoes never disappoint.

Crispy Chilli Potatoes

3. Vegetable Manchurian

Desi Chinese is the best Chinese period. Everyone’s go-to snack in a restaurant since childhood is Veg. Manchurian. We all know how it beats any authentic Chinese. These deep-fried balls are made up of veggies like cabbage, onion, carrots, and chilies then dipped in soy and chilly sauce. This starter is g(old).

Vegetables Manchurian

4. Chilli ChickenChilli Chicken Recipe - Indo Chinese Chicken Recipe by Archana's ...

Another perfect epitome of how Desi Chinese is the best. Chicken lovers would drool over this perfectly spiced up starter in Indo-Chinese style. The chicken is dipped in soy and chilly sauce, fried up with some greens, onion, and pepper. And then garnished with some spring onions. Vegetarians need not worry about anything when they have the God ingredient Paneer. Replace the chicken with paneer and voila! enjoy some Chilli Paneer.


5. Macaroni Masala

Mac n Cheese…Nah! Mac n Masala…Hell yeah! Don’t blame us for the masala, we are Indians, everything is dreamy with some masala. So here comes the absolute Indianised Mac n Cheese. Authentic Italian macaroni blended in masala and cheese is easy to cook and simply appetizing.

Cheesy Masala Macaroni

6. Pink Sauce Pasta

Another marvelous creation of Indian Jugaad. Confused between Team Red Sauce and Team White Sauce, well why not both! A perfect blend of alfredo and marinara sauce resulted in a delicious pasta sauce which became India’s favorite one.

Pink Sauce Pasta

7. Dosa Waffles

Waffles, classic breakfast and brunch staple in the west. Known for the delicious crispy golden exterior with deep pockets served with sweet maple syrup or honey and butter. We also have a staple dish in our breakfast/brunch essentials known as Dosa. Dosa Waffles are not sweet but they are savory waffles cooked using dosa batter, so it’s dosa disguised as waffles.

Masala Dosa Waffle

8. Pizza Samosa

Pizza in a samosa! It sounds quite unrealistic for sure and funny too. But trust me, this blend is a fantastic idea and that chef deserves applause for this fusion. Not your usual potatoes and peas but some crazy, incredible stuff in samosas are just off the scale.

Tastemade: Pizza Samosas ~ Recipe

9. Masala Coke

This drink is so subtle and delightful that it can freshen up any summer afternoon. Coke with lemon and pinch of black salt is out worldly.

Masala Coke

10. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Sweet-tooths can relish on these two absolute beauties forever. Surely a bite of heaven. Gulab-jamun in cheesecake is a cherry on top!

Blueberry Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Checkout for their recipes online or else you know what to eat after this quarantine.

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