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Reasons Why Home Schooling Can Be Beneficial

What is Home-schooling?

Home-schooling is an alternative to sending children schools and teaching them at home instead. Parents choose to home-school their children for a variety of reasons which include lack of options near their residence, unaffordability of expenses, their orthodox beliefs, and many taboos such as not sending girls to a co-ed school. The constant hike in the fee-structure of schools is also one of the prime reasons. Parents often feel that institutions are inefficient in imparting religious education. Sometimes it is the only option available, such as in the case of physically-challenged children. 

Private tutors are generally appointed to provide guidance, but sometimes parents home-school their children on their own. Often at an early age, many parents find it beneficial to teach them on their own than to send them to school. 

Students’ decision to home-school

Many a time, the students choose to rather study at home than to go to a school. This trend is most visible in our country after students complete their Secondary Schooling, and now face the pressure to engage in extra studies for competitive exams like JEE or NEET which they will be facing soon. So, to save time, they often give weight to coaching classes and opt for distance-learning rather than going to school. 

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Importance of Home-schooling

  • Home-schooling can be done from the ease of one’s home at one’s own pace. It has minimum requirements such as a desktop or a laptop, an internet connection, or a home-tutor and the most important – motivation to study’. If the student has the will power to study, it doesn’t matter whichever the medium is. Home-schooling can be beneficial if the student is disciplined and doesn’t need to be pestered by others to study.
  • Home-schooling provides the benefit of flexibility in studying hours. ‘Time-management’ is the key here. The students need to make a schedule and adhere to it if they want to be at par with the school-going kids as they have the advantage of a fixed time-table. 
  • It helps in building good relationships and strengthening the bonds of parents with their children when they are the teachers too. They have control over what their children learn. 
  • Students get ample time to self-study which helps them focus on those areas in which they are not so good. They can pay extra attention to these subjects
  • They can even take out time for some extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds which would be difficult for school-going kids due to their hectic schedule.

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Some drawbacks-

  • It can often lead to frustration in kids as there is no social interaction with others. They can not make new friends and enjoy school life.
  • There will be a lack of inculcation of qualities such as working in a team, leadership qualities, sharing with others, empathy towards others, and abiding by the rules.
  • Students can go in depression due to minimal interaction with the outside world and if not counsel at the right time, it can even distance the children from their parents.

The need of the hour

Home-schooling has become of utmost importance in this lockdown period as this is the only means left for the students to continue their studies. Students can benefit themselves from the variety of options available on the internet, they could also connect with the online educators for doubt-clearing sessions, and even help their peers. Home-schooling through the use of technology has become a life-savior for those dependent on coaching classes for their upcoming entrance examinations.

Thus, it can prove to be effective in one’s career-building process and sometimes, even better than going out to pursue one’s education. It is a good and viable option, but the decision to home-school should be taken thoughtfully as the future of the child depends on it.

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