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Perfect Recipes For Brunch

The weekends have to have the best time of every human schedule. No deadlines to meet, no chaos of catching with meetings and leisure and only leisure .. Food and leisure time are in a sort complete each other. And when you have ample time to just chill and relax the idea of skipping breakfast is a must no. Who would keep oneself on toes and cook three meals of the day? Quite relatable right. Brunch is the word which is coming to my mind after all this Brunch Yeah Brunch! the incredible partner of weekends. Brunch is the meal when two meals are stringed together. These two meals are Breakfast and Lunch and hence the word is coined as Brunch.  Let us start with my personal favourite on the radar.

1. Paratha the perfect brunch:

Yeah, the staple morning food of the people of the Indian subcontinent. All the people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka, Nepal, and the Maldives would stand by me in this regard. Paratha is basically an amalgamation of two words Parat and Atta which conveys the meaning of layers of cooked dough. Wheat is a traditional staple to the continent, is the base of this dish. All you to do is to make a dough out of wheat and add whatever veggies you desire, roll it with a rolling pin and fry it on Tava or hotplate. Mark my words it is delicious with the goodness of veggies and energy of wheat. You can add spiced boiled potatoes, onions, or even cheez to it.

2. Dosa :

I may not be wrong if I term Dosa as the brother of Paratha. One is made from wheat and the other from rice. A Dosa is rice pancake, originating from South India made from a fermented rice batter. Its main ingredients are rice and black gram mixed together in a soft batter with a dash of salt. It has its own varieties catering to different taste buds. You can have Rava dosa, masala dosa, butter dosa, and many more dosas…

3.Besan Chilla :

The next addition to the list has to be Besan Chilla. A portion of healthy savoury food made of gram flour ( Besan), herbs, and spices. Vegetables like onions, tomatoes, peas, etc. can also be added to make it more delicious. If you are more on the health-conscious zone of netizens, then you can also go for oats or omelette chilla.

4. Upma :

The fourth member of the list is another South Indian member which is Upma. Upma is made from Rava or what we call Suji in Hindi. Upma is served with coconut chutney or lime slices. If you wanna have it plain then also it tastes well.

5. Poha :

One of the most prominent Maharashtrian food has to be Poha. The culturally rich Indian state, Maharashtra has so many mouths relishing dishes like Vada Pao, Pav bhaji, or Poran poli but the charm of Poha is unmatched. Made from flattened rice or beaten rice it has so much to offer to stomach.


This one belongs to sweet tooth persons like me who just swear by sweetness in life. Pancakes are the flat thin cakes made out of the batter containing egg, milk, and butter. These are cooked on frying pan and drizzled with loads of butter or oil.


Dalia is another wheat recipe on the block. This whole grain recipe is made from cracked wheat. It is known as porridge in English. It can both made sweet and salty in taste. In Northern America people even call it ‘ Steel Cut Oats‘.

8.Aloo Puri :

This yummy aloo puri recipe is famous all over Indian with varied dimensions. While the Maharashtra people relish poori with dry bhaji known as Poori Bhaji there and the northern ones prefer to have with potato gravy. Even Northern ones can give poori another companion in the form of Chana Masala, a spiced dish of Chana .

9. Kachori :

Weekends are a great place to be in, no thought involved in counting the calories all you have in head is some tanginess and spicy stuff. Kachori is the perfect partner for this approach. This Indian dish was way popular in Indore much before Samosa paved its way into the hearts of North Indians. You can have onion, dal, or any other stuffed filling whatever pleases you.

10. Toast:

Let us just stick to basics if you are not up for any up-gradation. All you require is bread, not so toil on choosing the ingredients. Just a bit of sauce or chutney and add whatever veggies you possess in the refrigerator and the deal is saved for the day.

That’s all for this edition of the foodie’s tale. You can go for so many other brunch recipes like bread pakoras, uttapams, idlis, and many more exciting delicious cuisines. Till then keep loving life, obviously loving Food, and

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