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Paradise : The Famous Hyderbadi Biryani

So far, you might have gone through many tastes, but the beauty of aroma is something very different. If you want to feel the actual pleasure then do try it.Yes there are many ‘chai’ lovers… Many pizza lovers, but if you want to experience the best biryani, then come to this wonder.

Since 1953, Paradise is the brand that has been serving the “World’s Favourite Biryani.” The garnishing to this steaming situation was the loyalty of the customers. The very first restaurant at Secunderabad, remains largest with its capacity to serve 1,500 people at a time, across multiple floors in the same building. Hence, considered as one of the largest restaurants in the continent. Goosebumps right? Yes, it’s true… and the best part about their biryani is the variation which they provide with same ingredients. This world fame hyderabadi biryani has its own aroma which eventually attracts people in bulk.

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Young minds behind the scene:

Hussain Hemati and Ghulam Hussain started Paradise on 1 September 1953; the same day that Hemati’s son, Ali, was born. This young boy wanted to become a pilot but parents fear and love never pushed him in this field.

Though this young man struggled alot.. being new to this business and field he had no clue from where to start. Then he got a few business ideas from his father and after that he applied it. Then comes one of the biggest issues, that is market competition. Biryani being one of the centres of attraction where no one would ever compromise so to cut down the competition he set up an air-cooled restaurant which attracted lots a lot of rice lovers. Though he had an option to serve alcohol in his restaurant to increase the sale… But rather than going against his religion he chose to experience the failure. Hats off sir.

The best moment for any business owner is when he gets equal love and support from his staff. They credit the leadership of Ali, who treated his employees with dignity and respect, “he made us feel like we were a part of his family.” added by Somi Reddy, senior manager of paradise.

This authentic beaut raised many challenges for other brands such as the price of chicken hiked from Rs 12 to Rs 48, overnight. The young man adds “From 40 chickens a day, we jumped to 400. And we did this for two whole months!” Stated by Ali himself. As of March 2019, Paradise Biryani has 36 branches across the country which employ more than 3,500 people, generating a turnover of around Rs 360 crore.

The 65-year-old man who led this achievement is shy and remains as humble as ever. He retains his child-like enthusiasm and energy and exercises every day. His peaceful mind and working skills made his empire stand at a position where no one can reach. How he keeps his mind sharp, he points out. While he is the Chairman of Brand Paradise, he is also supported by his younger brother, Dr Kazim Himathi, and his brother-in-law, Ali Reza Brazendeh.

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If you are thinking that this isn’t getting your crave… Then I must say this is definitely worth a try…This aroma will surely get your crave for sure… Give it a try and am sure you will never get disappointed.

To explore your own crave of food, I must say you have to try PARADISE.

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