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Movies at the top:- Nolan’ best contribution

Christopher Edward Nolan (born 30 July 1970) is a British American movie maker known for his personal, distinctive films in Hollywood. His ten films have grossed over US$4.7 billion worldwide. His movies gathered a total of 34 Oscar nominations and ten wins.

Nolan is born and raised in London. He developed an interest in making movies at a young age. After studying English literature, he made his first debut with the Following(1998). That is the movie which changed his life. He gained international recognition with his second movie Memento(2000). The movie is nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. After this movie, he never looked back again. His work is permeated by unconventional narrative structures, special sound effects, large format film photography. Nolan has received so many Awards and Honors. Here are some of his best movies, he directed. He has made the best overall movies around 50.

  1. The Dark Knight:- The Best thriller Movie

Best movie out of all movies made by Nolan. It shows the battle between Batman and Joker.

One of the best movies directed by Nolan with the IMDb rating 9.0. It is a Superhero based movie based on DC Comics character Batman. This film is the second installment of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. It a sequel of 2005’s Batman Begins. The main cast of the movie is Christian Bale and supported by Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Old-man, Aaron Elkhart. The Dark Knight was filmed primarily in Chicago, as well as in several other locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. This film won so many awards like Academy Award, Screen Actor Guild Award.


The Dark Knight earned $534.9 million in North America. It also earned $469.7 million in other territories for a worldwide of total $1 billion. It is the 46th highest-grossing film and the highest-grossing film of 2008. This film won so many awards like Academy Award, Screen Actor Guild Award.

  1. INCEPTION:- The Movies Of All Time

This image is of the movie about the Dreams.

Inception is a 2010 science fiction action movie written and directed by Nolan. Overall the movie got IMDb 8.8 rating which shows how much people loved it. He produced the film with his wife Emma Thomas. The film star Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious of his target. The ensemble cast includes Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao, etc. The shooting of the movie is completed in Tokyo, the UK, and the North of London.


This movie was released theatrically in 3,792 theatres and 195 IMAX theatres. Overall the movie made US$62.7 million and debuted at No.1 on its opening weekend.

  1. INTERSTELLAR:- Movies lead to Future

The movie about the future. Well directed movie by Nolan.

Interstellar is a 2014 epic science fiction movie. Overall the movie got IMDb 8.6 rating which made people crazy all over the world. This movie is about the future where humanity is struggling to survive. The film follows a group of astronauts who travels through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home for the human being. It grossed overall $677.5 million for the worldwide collection against the production budget of $165 million. This movie was the tenth-highest-grossing film of 2014. At the 87th Academy Awards, the film won the Academy Award for the best visual effect. It received positive reviews for its screenplay, acting, music, themes, and ambition.

  1. THE PRESTIGE:- The Magical Movie

The movie about the two magician friend who become enemy after a certain fight.

The Prestige is a 2006 psychological thriller film. This movie also got a huge response from the public with an IMDb rating of 8.5. It follows Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, a rival magician in London at the end of the 19th century. This movie is about two fellow magician friends but soon after they become bitter enemies after a sudden tragedy. The movie received a positive review from the public and a moderate box office success. This film gets the Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography. He makes so many movies but that is one of the three film releases to explore the world of the stage magician.


The overall film earned $14.8 million on the opening weekend in the US.

  1. MEMENTO:- Movies of Memory

One of the best movies of Nolan. This movie is about a man with short-term memory loss.

Memento is a 2000 American neo-noir psychological thriller movie. The movie did not make more impact in the term of box-office collection but receive has a great response in terms of reviews with IMDb rating 8.4. The story is about a guy who is injured and has short-term memory loss. He is searching for the people who attacked him and kill his wife. That is the only thing he remembers.


Overall this movie has earned around $39.7 million over a $4.5 million budget. It is the best movie in 2000 which shows the fine work of Nolan.

In the end, all I would say that Christopher Edward Nolan has contributed a lot to the Hollywood industry with his talent. His movies are famous overall in the world. All his movies are WORTH WATCH!!!!!…..