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New Innovative AC Using 65% Less Electricity


Most of us cannot imagine living in the summer without an AC. An apparatus or a machine that helps in treating the air in a definite enclosed area, depending on the principle of refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler air, is called “THE AIR CONDITIONER”, popularly known as “AC!”.


The first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier in Buffalo, New York; in the year 1902. At that time he was working for a Buffalo Forge Company.

In India, “ACs” was introduced in 1984. It was an AC/TG model which was basically an 800 with an air conditioner and tinted glasses. Since then the machine has changed in all its aspects with better and updated versions. There was a time when an air conditioner was considered as a luxury symbol, but rising temperatures over the past few years have made it a necessity.

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Air conditioners remove heat and moisture from an enclosed area of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants. Air Conditioners can be installed for domestic as well as commercial use.


Innovative AC is a tiny AC occupying and cooling small area as compared to the normal ACs. It is a cost-effective product and a magical present for the middle-class race of India and also consumes 65% less electricity as compared to the normal 5-star rated ACs. It is Tupik Company’s innovation.

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Consumption of electricity is only about 400-watt of electricity, which is equal to the power consumed by about three bulbs. This innovation proves to be a boon in many aspects. It consumes a 60-65% less electricity bill than a normal one.

This thing weighs only about 13 kilograms and is less than 8 inches tall, 11 inches long and 18 inches deep as compared to the regular 1.5-tonne behemoth that cools the whole room. Since the cooling area is specific, its cooling becomes more efficient.

It comes with a tent-like structure that covers one’s bed and the actual AC unit focuses on cooling it while you are fast asleep. Moreover, it is light, compact and portable with less consuming bills. It can be self-installed and does not need any technician for it(again saves money). It can run on any 5-Ampere socket.

This Tupik’s air conditioner comes with an air conditioning unit, a remote, a tent, a structure set, a drainpipe, and an installation manual.

This product has such exotic and yet cost-effective features that it can catch any once eyes. It’s more than just an Air conditioner. It offers
365 days personal comfort without compromising your privacy. this AC has invented a new way of thinking about your comfort, The comfort revolution.

It serves the perfect balance of technology and design. This new beauty is the ultimate consolidation of Prefab structure, shelter material and host that is beautiful to look & to use. The smooth feel of tent walls and solid structure will fall you in love with Tupik. One can get this at as cheaper prices, ranging from 20-30 thousand bugs.

Someone rightly said, “Happiness comes in small packages”. This AC is an exact example of this, small, cheap, yet comfortable enough and serves its purpose efficiently.

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