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Most mental illness begins at 14! – top signs for parents to look out for.



Our life is a very special journey and each one of us stands unique in it. Sometimes it’s smooth while erratic in another span but it becomes worse when it comes on bad of our children. A child’s life is never complete without the indomitable love of the ones who are always on their toes to protect them from sins..Their Parents. But what if it is said that you as a parent fail in gingerly looking after them? Or fails in understanding them? Or responsible for pushing them in the darkness of mental illness. That may hurt or offend you but this can be True.

This is a ‘teenage’. It is like breaking the shell of childhood. In this period a child starts to see the World with independent eyes & demands maximum attention. According to numerous surveys held across the globe, it is found that in this age a child is prone to many severe mental problems like neurological misconduct, autism spectrum disorder(ASD), anxiety, depression, etc to name a few; which may be caused because of the following reasons.

The following are the 6 broad reasons that you must take care of to save your child from the danger of severe mental illness.


Friends are the best part of life but only when if they don’t have any bad influence on your ward. In ‘teenage’ a child is usually highly affected by he’s group, so the selection of better children in your ward’s group should be your responsibility Or you should be familiar with each friend of your ward so as to protect him from any unwanted influence. It is a bitter truth that a child gives more priority to his friends and company over his family. Therefore, the presence of good friends around them is obligatory.


Peer pressure can be good or bad. As long as your child is taking pressure of scoring more marks than his class topper..it is healthy but when your child starts eating or injecting inappropriate things in the body or get indulged in evil activities, then your child is on wrong track. Intake of injurious things like a cigarette or any kind of drug is insidious and damages the body at a young age.


Being student continuous studies is certainly very important for your child but it all gets messed up when you start keeping your expectations at acme from the child. Unable to fulfill your expectations left your child in being demoralized & downtrodden which is discouraging for them & can further lead to mental illness in severe conditions like depression.


At this age, a child feels that his own life has started & now is capable enough to make some decisions on his own but parents neither show Confidence in them nor cede them any such freedom. There should be an outright bond between a child and parents so that they can be more like friends. This helps the child to outlet their emotions in front of parents without giving it a second thought. But the dearth of your confidence in your ward leads to miscommunication. Miscommunication leads to your child hiding things from you, overthinking about them, further tensions & mind teasing affecting their psyche. It also separates your ward from you.


Your child fond of playing games & use the internet..right? But are you sure that he is not misusing this technology? If you are not really sure about that then you need to pay some heed to it. Sitting at the same place watching movies, playing games make them lazy and couch potatoes which not only hinders the physical growth but affects the brain of a child as well, glimpses of pornography and inappropriate content also affect the mind of a child very badly. Clearing their doubts about changes that they witness at that age and providing them with Sex Education is never a bad idea which parents in India love to resists. Provide them with proper knowledge before they carve to dig the information themselves. Improper knowledge may have a devastating effect.


Harassment in any form is bad for your child to be it be bullying or sexual abuse. Sexual Harassment is something that kills the soul of your innocent child. It always has a long-lasting effect on the mind and body of a child. But harassment is not always Sexual. If your child is being bullied in school or anywhere else & if your child takes it seriously then that also counts in Harassment. Many children get into depression and other various serious mental health problems because of this. Providing them with a safe environment should be your responsibility.


Your child is very special to you don’t let them face the darkness of mental illness that too at such an early age of 14. All the above points contribute in separating your child from healthy life and pushing them in a trap of mental illness. If you find your child facing any such problem, take the correct remedy and don’t hesitate to share your problem in the comment box below, we are always here to help you. Because WE CARE FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR CHILD!


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