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Money Heist (La casa de Papel) Part 4 Review

After all, what’s more Human than the fight for survival?
– La casa de Papel (Money Heist)

The Spanish television heist crime series La casa de Papel (aka Money Heist) has been working as the best antidote to drive away boredom in the current situation of COVID-19 lockdown for all its fans out there. The producers released the much-awaited Money Heist Part 4 – Netflix Originals on the third day of April 2020. It’s the perfect blend of human emotions, jealousy, romance, suspense, and amazing nail-biting action.

A little advice to the people who haven’t seen the previous 3 parts – Believe me, it would not take more than 3 days to complete 3 parts of the series. So what are you waiting for peeps?? Grab your tub of popcorn and binge-watching it and enjoy your quarantined life.

About the show:

Money Heist Season 4: Netflix Release Time & Everything You Need ...

Money Heist is one of the most successful and watched (approx. 44 million viewers) TV shows on Netflix. The show comprises of 4 parts and is created by Alex Pina. The basic setup of the show is of 8 highly trained individuals (robbers) attempt an ambitious heist on the Royal Mint of Spain planned and monitored by “the Professor”. Every robber operates under the codenames i.e famous city names: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. Apart from these codenames, they have a special red-colored outfit (like a jumpsuit) with a Dali mask on their faces.


Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), Álvaro Morte (the Professor), Itziar Ituño (Raquel/Lisbon)  See full cast & crew »

Cast of the Show


Summary of the first 3 parts:

During their first heist, they planned to forge 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain by minting their own money. However, 3 lives (Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin) were lost during their first heist.

Part 1 ended up with the Professor violating his rule number 1of his perfectly laid out plan: No attachments (i.e. making no personal connections) by falling in love with the lead investigator of the case – Raquel Murillo. Surprisingly, the same lady uncovered the robbers’ hideout.

Robbers' hideout

After heist was conducted successfully the Professor had plans of hiding all the robbers. He divided them into pairs and allotted each pair a different place and instructed not to be in contact with anyone. Tokyo and Rio were enjoying their life on a private island and suddenly Tokyo decided to move on in her life and leave the island. Somehow the cops were available to crack both of their locations. Due to which Rio got trapped and was illegally sent into the police’s custody whereas Tokyo somehow managed to sneak out and reach the Professor. Here’s when the Professor decided to conduct another heist to release Rio from their custody. This time the heist was very big – the probability of it getting successfully was very less because it was the gold inside the Bank of Spain that they were going to loot.

How the tables turned before part 4:

Finally, towards the end of part 3, the police traded Rio for some of the hostages in the stand-off at the Bank of Spain. Police negotiator Alicia Sierra somehow tricks Nairobi to come towards the window and when she stands at the windows, she gets shot by a sniper. Police try various ways to enter the bank but they couldn’t. The gang unites together to defend the cops and manages to remain locked inside the bank. On the other hand, the Professor and Raquel are on the run through the forest. Raquel gets caught by cops and she is faked to be killed.

Part 4:

By the end of part 3, the Professor gets a big shock as he thinks that cops have executed Raquel (while the truth was that they were faking her death). So now Lisbon (Raquel) is captured by the cops and Nairobi is fighting for his life in the Bank of Spain.

The 4th part of the series picks up from where the producers left us hanging in shock. Okay let me restrict myself from disclosing every detail and I promise that I won’t give any spoilers.

Currently, the Professor is heartbroken and is under great pressure. Even the team inside the bank is in great pressure and on top of it, cops are trying and increasing pressure on them. But as it is said – ‘When going gets tough, tough gets going’ and this is what the Professor is known for; the professor always has a plan for every unplanned situation.

Money Heist' Season 4: 3 Ways Tokyo Redeemed Herself This Season

What’s fascinating in Part 4:

There are many twists and turns and power struggles between different characters (especially between Palermo and Tokyo). In this part, the focus is more on the emotional side of the Professor. The audience will show much love to his character for making emotional and tough calls between his love life and commitments (the Heist).

To all those people who have seen the trailer of Part 4, we saw that Gandia (Governor’s Chief of security at Bank of Spain) somehow manages to break free from the hostages and manages to create chaos in the bank. This also marked an increase in on-screen action – what used to be small fights has now boiled over into big chaos with plenty of blood and violence. Also the new character, Alicia Sierra – a pregnant cop is quite interesting. Believe my audience would love hating her character; she is the chief investigating officer of this heist and also a lady who refuses to play by the rulebook. This nature of her costs her much towards the end.

One of my favorite episodes from Part 4 is the 5th episode that too the last 5 minutes of the episode. Surprisingly the episode is also titled ‘5 Minutes Earlier or 5 Minutos Antes’. This is the moment when the tables are turned for a while against the Professor and his team.

Overall Review:


Money Heist Part 4's Ending Explained

The mind games and strategies of the Professor are quite brilliant. The audience will be able to see 2 different natures of the Professor- first being his way of working under great pressure and controlling his emotions. Second, being his offensive nature, this might be the most awaited transform that fans wanted to see in him.

The presentation and acting in Money Heist is such that it will make the audience root for bank robbers and not for the cops. I think that this is the real heist that makers of money heist have pulled over on entire fans.

The reason Part 4 is more interesting is that in all the previous seasons the Professor had a plan. Even in the worst situations, there were twists and turns and somehow the situation was already a part of the plan. But in Part 4, his plans are getting messed up and also he doesn’t have much time to come up with new strategies.

To cut long stories short the part 4 of this series is simply outstanding, absolutely engaging & remarkably entertaining. Just go and watch Part 4 and binge watch it before social media gets flooded with spoilers. And trust me you don’t want to miss out on the madness of this heist.

You might want to see the following clips:

*(May contain spoilers)

Extended Bloopers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y36lbUM0_c&t=33s

Berlin sings “Te Amo”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3xtWk9VJ5s

Bella Ciao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spCdFMnQ1Fk&t=81s

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