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Mariana Popescu: Who Left The Patriarchy Behind

Mariana Popescu

Mariana Popescu who left the patriarchy behind is all set to make her career in Architecture. She has the courage and vigour to follow her dream, nevertheless what they ask for. Hard-work, determination, and psychology to fight all battles are some of the few requirements for success. And she has got them all.

Block Research Group

Architecture- An industry dominated by men

From the very beginning, the work roles have been segregated according to radical differences in men’s and women’s abilities. Architecture seen as a male-dominated profession has always raised questions about the desirability of women professionals especially because of their fragile presence in different instances of architecture: history, theory, and criticism. According to a survey, only 30% of female architects are their while men comprise 70 % of the population. But never the less some women always give the inspiration to pave our way into the field meant for them breaking all the social barriers.

Exceptions are always there.

Mariana Popescu is not only a renowned female architect but has also developed a construction process that is extremely environment friendly and affordable making it the need of the hour.

“We not only need better things to  design things but to build these structures”

Lately, the ecological crisis is the biggest challenge on our front. It is the most important concern as our future depends on it.

Every day there is a struggle to find, approach, invent new ways, methods, techniques to make the future sustainable. Mariana Popescu believes in the same. In her presentation, she quoted “Whenever we think of climate change we don’t think of the construction industries. In 2017 it was one of the biggest contributors to climate change. It is one of the greatest polluters so it is one of the industries we can have an impact in”. By stating this as her inspiration she along with her colleagues introduced an algorithm called Knitted Formwork Shapes.

KnitCrete: Stay-in-place knitted formwork for complex concrete ...

What exactly is KNITTING FORMWORK?

Knitting Formwork is a construction process which gives very high strength and durability by using knitted textile. It not only provides easy moulding and curving features in complex geometries but also is highly ecologically sustainable. It reduces the use of construction material, machinery, hard labour. Thereby decreasing the cost structure, emissions of harmful gases, and also the usage of water. 

Benefits of textile formwork
Benefits of textile formwork

Currently, Mariana Popescu is a PhD researcher at the block research group, Institute of Technology in Architecture, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland. She has given a ray of light to the world to look upon alternative and better solutions in the world of construction and architecture.

Where most architects make use of heavy machinery she carried her textiles in her suitcase while travelling for the project. She is not only a female inspiration figure but also an environmental ethic person who gives new hope to many young girls.