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Luxembourg introduces free public transport

Luxembourg becomes the first country, to make all public transport free. It is a small European country. Prime minister Xavier Bettel’s coalition government introduced the plan.

The transport is free for people who are under 20. Students can use free bus service between home and institution. Luxembourg gets commuter daily from across the borders. Which provide traffic congestion in the state.

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The current fare is about €2 for anywhere up to two hours of journey. The student availing free services will have to show ID (if required). 4 years or below must be accompanied by 12 years old or elder. Students must carry “student My card“.

The card is prohibited during holidays. But the students who follow remedial courses might be allowed. The academic year is from the 1st of Sep to the 20th of Jul.

The government took this step to encourage public transport amongst the people. Eliminating transport fees will encourage to use public transport more. Luxembourg also has the highest number of car-to-person ratios in European union. This policy tends to lower the use of personal vehicles. I personally think that this is a great step to reduce pollution emitted by vehicles.

Luxembourg is landlocked by Germany, Belgium, and France. Commuters from this country commute to work every day.

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