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Learning Tools By Tech-A-Mania

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Enriched and quality education is an absolute necessity: truth being told, an exemplary source of education is as necessary as anything else. The significant gift of learning is the fundamental right of every single person in existence, and taking a step forward in the same, Tech-A-Mania believes in imparting enriched knowledge and making a difference in every soul we come across.

Education is far beyond the barriers of classrooms, and TAM is here to brighten up this quarantine for you in the most productive way possible, by offering a wide range of educational and informational plans curated for everybody who has a zest for learning, at the ease of WhatsApp and Linkedin.

Learning Plans At TAM Enterprises

Also, have a look at these learning plans they’re offering:

Mediation & Gratitude Program

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Duration: 21 days

This period of quarantine has brought a big wave of an emotional rollercoaster for everybody facing this. Learn more best techniques to have more happiness and less stress. To get past your mental instability, this programme can prove to be an excellent guide.

Internship Tips

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Duration: 7 days

Looking for an internship to boost up a stagnant career due to pandemic? No worries, as TAM brings to you all the brownie points that’ll significantly help to give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

21 Tools

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Duration: 21 days

Fancy a career change? Or looking to progress in your current role? Here’s how to upskill yourself, as TAM brings to you all

Tools that impact your career, master your brain, enhance your skills will be an amazing learning aid to you. Also, at the comfort of you home, real quick! So, what are you waiting for?

21 Great Things About India

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Duration: 21 days

What’s more interesting than getting to learn about how mystically extravagant your country is?  Get along with this unique plan and wonder everything you’ve not known about India!

Tips On Jobs

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Duration: 21 days

Is the lockdown affecting your job? Stressed because you’re unable to figure out what else to do? TAM has got you covered with the best tips to ace the perfect job profile you’re looking for! With our modern job tips and tricks, you’ll score a new job in no time!!

Furthermore, the other plans include a unique package of various intriguing plans such as Vedic mathematics, resource sharing, group meetups, case studies and mentoring sessions.

Looking forward to making your free-time productive? TAM Education has got you covered, and that too, at a minimal cost of Rs.100!!


” TAM is not charging anything, it is just subscription cost.”


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http://tameducate.com and make the most of the opportunities provided by them!

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