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Kala Ghoda : Cultural fest of Mumbai


India, not only famous for its diversity and cuisine but also there are many hidden facts, many upturned stones which I guess should get the limelight. Here, we are talking about Kala Ghoda, an Art Festival that is pretty consistent since the past decades. There are many sidelines and hidden facts that are necessary to put upon in front of you all. Kala Ghoda is a non-profit organization that organizes and deals with all the cultural and traditional fests. It is named after the Blackish Equestrian statue of Edward VII, which was previously located in the fort area of Mumbai.

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Kala Ghoda Association:

Kala Ghoda is an Association that was formed on 30th October 1998 with the objective of maintaining and preserving the heritage and art of South Mumbai. this fest is an Art Festival is the country’s largest multicultural festival, it takes place in either January or February every year. It draws millions of eyes, not just from India but the whole globe. Kala Ghoda festival gained attention and popularity since 1999 by attracting plenty of tourists.  This cultural fair displays various art forms including traditional and western music, dance forms and culture. It not only ends over here but it involves many seminars and workshops which enlighten us towards hidden India.
Kala Ghoda not only deals with the cultural fests but it also focuses on the development of the underrated projects, by focusing upon the infrastructure of the city.

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Kala Ghoda isn’t bounded till music, dance or street plays. It also involves heritage walks, fun-filled activities,  street plays, theatre performances and in the end giving tribute to all the famous personalities. All these activities attract people in bulk,  which ends up showing the cultural facts of India. The heritage walk majorly deals with the culture and tradition of past Mumbai. In brief, this traditional fest focuses on plenty of events that reflect the rich history of Mumbai.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival - Global Fashion Street


The participants of the festival majorly are from sellers of small scale retailers to village artists. The whole region of Kala Ghoda transforms into a  ‘Pedestrian square with paintings and sculptures displays’. Not only this, but you get to know the history of various art forms from the popular masters of art which are yet unknown to more than half of the population. Dance, music and theatre concerts happen in the evening, for which the venue is set by the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)David Sasson Library Garden and Jehangir Art Gallery. Awards for Indian films are given in an event organized by the Max Muller Bhavan.

Crave? I guess yes to explore more about your crave to visit this fest, mark the dates and do visit it. This will surely flourish up your craving.

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