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Joker review

  • There’s no doubt that JOKER is one of the biggest releases and most anticipated movie of the year. One of Gotham’s most famous villains arrives in multiplexes on 4th October in a stand-alone dark story telling the origin of “Joker”.

Joaquin Phoenix follows in the footsteps of Jack Nicholson, the late Heath Ledger and most recently Jared Leto to play Batman’s nemesis in “Joker”. The story revolves around the character Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian trying to care for his mother. Eventually, the unrelenting cruelty of society compels him to resort to a life of crime and become the titular supervillain. Joker isn’t nearly as subversive or dangerous as many critics have claimed it to be; the film is no ode to violence, but a half-hearted condemnation of austerity. The film pushes the idea that poverty, abuse and unchecked mental illness can lead to violence. Earlier screenings of Joker during Venice and Toronto film festival were hugely positive.

“Joker” was a gigantic risk that Warner Bros wanted to take but the company did take measures to mitigate the risks. Warner Bros brought on two co-financiers, Bron Studios and Village Roadshow, reducing the studio’s exposure- and it’s potential profits. The movie costs $55 million to make, a modest amount for a major production.

It’s no secret that Warner Bros and DC movies have struggled to mimic the success of rival Marvel. While films about Aquaman and Batman have done well at the box office, the franchise has been no match for Marvel but dark days for DC movies seem over now. The R-rated film, which portrays DC comics villain as sharing the psychological traits of real-life mass shooters, is expected to be nominated for an Oscar this year.


Todd Philips’ “Joker” is laughing it’s way past the $100 million at domestic box office collection. As of now, the film has earned $273 million globally, meaning if it can keep this momentum going, this movie will have accumulated a worldwide grand total of $300 million as early as October 9, albeit movie hasn’t been released in China. Joker earned another $9.72 million on Monday, a drop of 60% from it’s $24.375 million Sunday gross. Well, Columbus day falls on October 14 this year, Joker will have that advantage. So will it cross $1B total gross worldwide? If movie crosses the landmark then Joker would be highest grossing DC movie ever.

Joaquin Phoenix’s character is very different from Nolan’s version though you can loosely compare them. Heath Ledger, is probably one of the most iconic versions of Joker. His performance was nail-biting but Phoenix’s version of Joker stands right up with Heath Ledger’s.


It’s probably the most theatrical and excellent movie with super content. The movie is a pure reflection of Phoenix’s world class acting and Todd Philips’ well direction.

This movie can’t be enjoyed just by the reviews, make some time and do watch the movie.


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