Before answering this question whether cardio training is a better way for weight loss or not we need to understand what do we mean by cardio training. Cardio training or cardiovascular training includes exercises that increase our heart rate. Any exercise we do increase our heart rate but to a different extent. Some mild exercise can increase our heart rate to a low level but if we perform rigorous activities, our beat per minute increases to the next level. For example during a slow walk after our supper the heart rate increases but to a certain extent. But on the other hand, during running or bike riding our heart increases tremendously.Image result for CARDIO

In order to stay fit, we need to exercise. Exercising keeps our body not only active but also healthy. The heart is the muscle in our body. It pumps the blood and thus its functioning must be equally important. A stronger cardiovascular system provides more oxygen in our veins. And thus indeed burns more calories. Burning more calories signifies more fat loss. But is cardio training alone the most effective way to lose weight? Or should it be combined with weight training? If cardio training is good then how much time should it be done for? Are there any side effects of this kind of training? There’s no doubt that cardio is the most popular training for weight loss. Cardio training is indeed a very extensive-term and includes almost exercises like walking, running, cycling, bike riding or swimming. Cardio does not affect our muscle mass very much. But it’s a very effective and proven exercise for burning calories.


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More calories are burnt during a single period of time. When the heart rate increases more than the normal rate, our heart pumps blood faster and the speed of respiration increases. This leads to more precipitation, thereby burning more calories.
Cardio can be performed more frequently. Some other techniques like weight training is also an effective way of losing weight. But it affects our muscle mass and thus cannot be performed regularly because our muscles require time to relax. But cardio is more helpful and can be done a couple of times in a week.
Cardio is not only effective in losing weight rather it also enhances the working of the body. More oxygen is supplied to the veins which enhances the effective working of several organs. It keeps our heart healthy.Image result for CARDIO


Certain exercises are better and more effective than others during cardio training. But the most important ingredient is consistency. In fact, some of the exercises can be combined with several others or they can be repeated alternatively. Some of the exercises are listed below.
Swimming – We all are very versed with swimming. It is not only an exercise but rather also a delight, it soothes our body and relaxes our mind. It also relaxes and strengthens our muscles at the same time. It burns nearly 12 to 26 percent of calories per minute.
Push up burpees – This is a very effective way of weight loss. It increases our heart rate immensely and burns around 10 to 15 percent calories per minute.Image result for CARDIO
Skaters – Not very commonly known exercise but it increases the heart rate to a great extent. It basically includes both our arm and leg muscles. We need to lean forward and jump to the right, then bring our left food behind us and bring our left arm in front of us. Then the second repetition is performed by shifting sides.
Plank jack – It is one of the most important and effective exercise to burn more calories. Normally holding plank can burn a lot of calories and plank jack burns calories even more. It normally burns around 12 to 28 percent of calories per minute.
Frog jumps and jump-start – Jumping is highly recommended. It not only burns more fat but also strengthens our calf and leg muscles. It burns nearly 13 to 29 percent calories per minute.



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One should not directly indulge in longer cardio training. It is true that “Slow and steady always wins the race”. Slowly and slowly the time should be increased. There’s no exact answer to how much of the cardio is appropriate. But some guidelines can be followed. The time for performing cardio depends on various factors. Such as:
On what level of fitness you are? Whether you are moderately fit of completely healthy.
The body mass index (BMI) of your body.
How many calories do you desire to burn and what is your calorie intake.
Do you have any heart-related problems? Or any respiratory issues?
Are you prescribed on some medication or not?Image result for CARDIO
For beginners, the best way to start is by walking. Start walking slowly and then you can pick up the pace at regular intervals. This can also be performed daily and almost everyone of every age and any level of health can do it. Keep doing this daily and then you can climb a step up and start running. But do not immediately start running fast. During the start, you need to keep it slow and then you can increase it eventually. This can be done for 30 minutes to 40 minutes daily. And once you find a fine balance with this then you can go for rigorous exercises like swimming, bike riding, and others. But these must be performed under the surveillance of someone so that you do not break out.
Cardio training is no doubt the best training for weight loss. But it should be performed consistently and appropriately. Through consultation with your doctor is always advisable before starting the cardio training.

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