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How To Prepare For Interview: Basic preparations

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You applied for a job and got selected. Wow! Congratulations. After getting selected for a job, you will have to face the interview. Are you scared now? Yes, you should be. Cracking interviews is really tough. And it is almost impossible if you are not prepared. How to prepare for it then? There are so many things, what to do and what not? Folks, don’t worry. Here are some tricks and preparation key-points if you want to crack the interview.


Do Your Homework

Exactly, you read it right. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Prepare yourself really well with all the information about the company. Have a good grip over the names of important people. Have a good knowledge of the background of the company and your job. If you walk in an interview asking “what is the job all about?” then there is no way you are getting any further.


Read The Job Description ThoroughlyHow to Write a Job Description Like a Pro? | by Kristina Martic | HR Blog &  Resources | Medium

Before going for an interview, do not forget to have a thorough reading of the description of the job. It might help you to bring out the experiences of your part job and will let you understand better what the questions might objectify too.


Practice The Answers For Common Questions

There are many general questions that are asked repeatedly. For example, they might ask you: Why do you want to work with us? What do you think about the company? Why did you leave the previous company? Or they might even ask: why do you think that we should hire you? So yes! Be prepared for such questions. Many interviewers can even ask you for your salary expectations.

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Self-ConfidenceTS2 Technology Solution2

Remember the one role mantra, confidence is the key to crack any interview. Even if you think you are wrong, be confident about that. Do not mutter in between. Be confident in what you speak. Do not let them get on to you and stumble your confidence. Health is important to be confident. And what can help you better than Ayurveda?


Time To Flaunt

Yes! That’s right. It is your time to flaunt. When you will be asked about your achievements and work experiences, just flaunt and be confident. Remember, there is a hair-thin line between being confident and being rude. Never cross that. Be prepared with your past experiences and the success that you have achieved.


Be Two Steps Ahead

In order to crack an interview, you need to be 2 steps ahead. Prepare well for the common questions. Ask a friend to help you. Practice a couple of interview sessions with your friend. This will help in numerous ways. It will not only make you familiar with the interview sessions but also will help you be more confident.


Be Assertive

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Interviewers can ask you any kind of questions. They might even ask you questions based on your sex, race, or creed to check your mental stability and your psyche. They might also inquire about your marital life, just to read your mind. Be careful and assertive of what you speak. Your psychological well being is the tool to crack the assertive factor.


Dress AppropriatelyDressing For the Occasion: Create a Professional Style - Cydcor Blog

This is the most important point. If you go to an interview wearing a non-formal t-shirt, then be prepared to face rejection. Dress code is extremely important since it is your first impression of the people you are approaching. You got to be extremely careful with what you wear.


Always Carry Your Copy Of Resume, pen, And Notebook

NO, you are not going there to give an exam. But yes, you should carry them. Jot down your achievements in the notebook as well. The pen and notebook will be useful together when you will write some important points. If they tell you about some important or catchy things, keep writing to them.


Do Not Be Late

Never be late for your interview. Plan according to your interview time and reach 15 to 20 minutes before that. EARLY IS BETTER THAN REJECTION.

PERKS: Reaching early will help you get comfortable with the workplace.


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