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IISER Pune: A Hub For Research And Science Education


IISER(Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research), Pune is one of the most premier institutes of higher education in India. The institutes, established by the Indian Parliament through the National Institutes of Technology, Science and Research (Amendment) Act, 2010 has been providing extremely high-quality education at the Undergraduate level.IISER Pune sets up High-End centre for cancer research

This powered by the cutting-edge research making it declared as Institutes of National Importance by the Parliament of India in 2012. This promotes them as leading institutions in the country in the field of basic sciences.

Courses Offered And Integrated Courses

IISER Pune offers three programs for students and researchers. It offers an integrated BS-MS masters program, an integrated doctoral program(int. PhD) and a doctorate program(PhD).

IISER is known and hailed for the integrated courses. The integrated circuits essentially combine masters and doctorate course work and research. This enables students to begin their research, as is the premise of the institute, more quickly.IISER Pune organises 3-week orientation camp for girl students under Vigyan  Jyoti Scheme - pune news - Hindustan Times

IISER Pune provides this integrated course in 4 subjects, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

A list of all courses offered by IISER Pune can be viewed here.


Earlier, IISER Pune was limited to the NCL campus. As the institute grew, a second transit campus was hired and came into play. The newer campus hosts more classrooms and research laboratories.

The non-residential students are housed in the campus hostels, referred to simply as Hostel 1 and 2. Boys and girls are separated with wardens keeping watch and attending to their problems.

The mess caters to the hostellers all year long. It has strict timings to be followed and celebrates a food festival once a year. The mess serves non-veg with the meals and non-veg snacks are an option in the evenings. The mess food has seen a recent hike in prices, but the quality has remained consistent. The food can be paid for using a mess card or any card of choice.

The secondary campus boasts of a modernized lecture hall complex, a main academic building, and a central dining building. The campus also consists of a 128-room guesthouse – cum – mini-convention centre, students’ hostels, and guest rooms. A modern indoor and outdoor complex for sports and faculty and staff housing is currently being constructed.


All of the aforementioned factors add up to make IISER Pune one of the best institutions in India. Hence, it comes with one of the most rigorous and strict processes of examination.

There are three methods of obtaining admission into IISER: through Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojana(KVPY), through Joint Entrance Exam Advanced for IITs or State or Central Board examinations.

The details of admission can be perused here.

Exposure Provided

Their life science department is hailed as one of the premier ones along with the chemistry department. The main advantage provided by IISER Pune over other IISERs is the quality of the crowd it provides.The location is extremely strategic and feasible, it provides great support to students by increasing the exposure to quality crowds from NCL, IITM, Pune University, TIFR etc.


IISER Pune has collaborated with several institutions in their course of research. It includes the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany, Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique and France and Ecole normale supérieure Networks.

It has also relations with multiple international institutions such as Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), France, New Mexico State University, USA and The University of Melbourne, Australia. These institutions cooperate and collaborate on cutting-edge technology and sciences for the betterment of life, while also providing amazing opportunities to students for further research.


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