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How To Grab Cool Looks In Hot Summer Parties

Finally it’s summer. Goodbye, wool and polyester. Hello, um, what?

When the weather starts heating up and wool, wool blends and tightly woven jersey become unbearable to think about, much less wear, you need new fabric options.

Especially when it comes on attending parties in hot sunny days, what to wear always becomes a great question.

We need a fine fabric that suits our body temperature because Breathability matters even more. Natural fibers are best Loose weaves and fine threads also work well.

Colour matters too; lighter hues reflect heat better than darker ones.

When it’s time to pick a pattern, remember that loose shapes keep air circulating around your body better than tight clothes do. floaty , flirty dresses, loose trousers, A-line silhouettes are always a perfect choice.

Prints are also essential. Prints such as Polka Perfection, Eternal ethnics, Plaids and checks, Floral, Nature print, Watercolor washes.. but of course choosing the best from among them is still a task .. so guys whenever u are having trouble in choosing prints for making your summer parties cool always go for nature print.

What is nature printing ?

Nature printing is a printing process, developed in the 18th century, that uses the plants, animals, rocks and other natural subjects to produce an image. The subject undergoes several stages to give a direct impression onto materials such as lead, gum, and photographic plates, which are then used in the printing process.

Wearing cotton fabric having nature print on it is the coolest combo in summers. While linen is Most Likely to Succeed, cotton is Most Popular Cotton is available in so many different weights. Plus, it’s affordable and comfy. It absorbs moisture very well and dries almost as fast as linen. But it’s more durable than linen and can be machine-washed, no problem.

What best about it is, it looks cool and funky in western dresses as well as in ethnic. so there is nothing to worry about your looks whenever you are carrying it whether in parties or on a casual day.

Now, let’s get down to the essentials: the best looks for summer!

A pair of Kurti and dhoti salwar with a nature print attached dupatta is all that u need to make everyone stare at you with your stunning look. 

Nature print will never gonna disappoint you .it gives a calm look in your dress. comfy, cozy, and stylish.

 It is not only a perfect choice for women rather it’s the best attire I suggest for men too.

Dress with A-line silhouette. Half with nature printed fabric and a half with pastel cream color. Amazing or not?

So here are much more inspiring things for your coolest summer celebrations. No chance for confusions or hesitations, what all u need is to choose pastel shade cotton or any natural fabric having some nature-inspired prints… then you are no far to make anyone jealous with your funky looks.

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