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How to Build the Perfect Resume

Nowadays, as we move on to an ever-developing society, the stakes for getting that dream job are also rising higher and higher. Hence, you need to build a resume that strikes everyone’s eyes and separates you from the pack. Resumes are nowadays the most important piece of paper for many alike.

These one or two paged documents can decide your whole career – either helping you land the dream job or making you work day and night to get it.

This little piece of paper can help you go a long way. Hence, getting it perfect is something that everyone may hope for. So, to help you get there, here are a few crucial points that may give you the all-important boost to the start of your career in today’s tough corporate environment.


What is the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae?

It is is a formal document that describes a person’s career background and skills. Nowadays, professionals use this document as a way of branding themselves through their skills to various hiring executives of dream organizations that they might want to work in.


  • A resume can be seen as a source through which a potential interview candidate or a business professional can market themselves or their skills to the particular hiring representative of the company or organization which can be their dream destination.
  • Nowadays, a resume is a must-have for any individual looking for a job as it can help them uniquely express their skills and talent, which they won’t be able to do without it.
  • Whether finding an internship to kickstart your career in the corporate world or just switch jobs, this little document of information is vital for your career.


  • Any professional needs to make their resumes look quite catchy and fitting to most of the requirements that hiring representatives of different organizations may put forth.
  • As quoted by many career experts, a resume should answer three questions namely, “What did you do?”, “Why did you do it?” and, “What was the outcome of it?”.
  • If the individual or professional can successfully answer each question, their chances of getting the job increase substantially.
  • Moreover, if the individual is also able to highlight their skills in managing day-to-day responsibilities while matching the requirements as mentioned by the hiring representative, he/she is definitely on the right track to land the job.

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Now, as we have already discussed all the main points regarding the meaning and the purpose of a resume, we can move on to the crux point of the whole blog – how can one create the best resume out there?

The following steps mentioned below will help you create a catchy and unique resume and use it to get selected in many of your dream companies with ease:-

  1. Pick a suitable format to start building your resume. Make sure that the image of your resume in your mind matches the format you pick.
  2. Make sure you add in all of your basic information i.e, date of birth, schooling, grades, etc. as a sort of introduction. This can help recruiters create a positive first image of your overall personality.
  3. Also, mention any of the work that you have performed until now, any internship roles, projects, etc. Any voluntary work also adds in that little extra flair to your resume and attracts the recruiter’s eyes a little more than the average resume might.
  4. If possible, you can also add in some of your skills and hobbies to make your resume look a little more informal which can help you build a strong connection with the recruiter rather than being too professional about your resume.
  5. Moreover, some good examples of resumes may also contain about a short resume summary and that would also help you gain a slight edge over your competitors. This can help bring more clarity with regards to your resume.
  6. Despite all this, if your resume does not match up with the job description, all your work can go to waste. So, to avoid facing this situation, make sure you line it up as per the description or so to say, ‘tailor it’ according to the job.

Hence, to conclude this, we can say that today’s industries have become a lot more competitive than before. To stay ahead in the race, this little document can help you go the extra mile and find yourselves with a very bright career ahead.